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Caregivers go through more than they will tell you

go through more than they
will tell you. They give up a lot
and rarely have a social life.They
can get sick and emotionally
worn out. It’s a lot for one person
and you will never know until you
have walked the road of
a caregiver. ~unknown~

Who else has an idea that it is better said than done? Not just this, it is easy to condemn than create. How do I mean? Most of the times we as individuals look down on people and think they have not done enough or that they have not done so much to feel the way they do. Meanwhile, they have actually done more than we can imagine. There is something called unspoken pain.

Ask yourself sincerely if as probably expressive as you are you have been able to express the whole feelings of discomfort you experience to anyone when you are sick. I’m certain your answer will be a big fat NO. Everyone has been in this situation before. It is most likely that the people around will refer to whatever they are passing through as not so bad. Hey! It’s worse than you can imagine.

A caregiver especially experience more than you think good or bad. She might not be able to share in total the tales of the pains of pregnancy and the tensions of childbirth. What about the sleepless nights after the child has been born? Think of also having to interact with others despite having a lot of concentration to do on the newborn. Even when the child grows up, there are times a caregiver will have to starve only to feed and give life to the kid and not welcome him so early to the rigors of life. This is not just about childbirth or caregiving, it is about life generally.

You can never be the accurate judge of a situation you have not passed through. Even when you have passed through that situation, you can still not judge another person because it is most likely the case of the same scenario but difference experiences due to individuals and circumstantial differences. Everyone goes through more than you can imagine until you fill the boots. Caregivers especially fake the smile of childbirth to conceal the days of unspoken pains. Learn not to condemn anyone.

15 thoughts on “Caregivers go through more than they will tell you”

  1. Im currently working in a nursing home here in the Philippines, which particularly took care of Filipino elders, of course. This is beyond inspirational for us, health care providers to never give up. Give up on giving care, give up on giving love, and give up on giving and making joy to the remaining years of the so called “pre-daparture” people. I will and will always love to touch lives everyday.

  2. I care I do kindness. I’ve put on my old make up, it’s as old as the hills, haven’t done fhis in years. Hehe, here’s hoping skin don t break out LOL

  3. I took care of my mother after several of her strokes.
    Sometimes she was scared to death of me, that was not an easy thing to deal with. I loved my mother dearly, I tried to make her last days more comfortable, and tried to make her understand that I was her son. But she only panicked and tried to hide under her blankets, and pleaded for me to go, and leave her alone, she was so scared that I was going to cause her bodyly harm.
    That she would begin to hyperventilate.
    I tried be to reassure her that I was not going to harm her, but she would be not hear me.
    I lost my mother JUNE 23rd, 2011. I miss her much,
    And I also feel responsible for her passing.
    I know that I am not, but its a hard thing to get rid of.

  4. My boyfriend had stroke about 3 yrs ago and I’ve been his care giver he is still ad bad as he was when it first happen cause he will not try to do nothing he waits on me to do everything now he’s set so long he can very walk and I just can’t take care of him anymore I have a part time job at a nursing home and I’m just wore out please help

  5. This is so true to thr fact.I must say.I was caught up in a very bad situation last year.did a fill in for another caregiver for a client through the agency.agency office supervisor lied about the client’s total and mental condition.this client seriously attacked me and now I’m being wrongfully punishment.

  6. When u are a true care giver your heart. and sole are put into taking care of that person putting them first just seeing a smile on their face knowing some tiny little thing u did made a huge difference in their life it. Brings me the greatest happiness of all knowing a little kindness brings such happiness to ones life I was in the grocery business for 28 years till my company went bankrupt than went into caregiver my goodness that should have been my calling I have never found greater peace and happiness in a career than a caregiver but growing so close to those who you care for becomes very heartbreaking when the end comes by than they are family

  7. In reading the above comments. They are right. We don’t have time to really take care of ourselves. We get busy with finding out what the patient needs and you making sure it gets done. Some older patients are angry and don’t want to be there. They are scare on not knowing what’s going to happen.
    I Thank-all- of- you who are cavergives.

  8. Warning: I was visiting my mom, one of the last days. I wore some nurses uniform tops, I tat (make lace), and I love the extra deep pockets. She refused to see me. She wanted no part of nurses in any way shape or form. It made me sad, but I didn’t want to upset her by forcing my way into the room either.

  9. You don’t know how many times I went home crying,literally. It’s not easy putting on a Happy face when you yourself is in agony with back pain or arthritis. But IT DOES GET DONE!

  10. I understand Mark. I was my mom’s caregiver for 17 months until she passed. I would do it all over again if needed. I felt guilt too but i kept my promise that she would not end up in a nursing home. She passed peacefully at home. I’m sure you did your best and your mother thanks you.

  11. Taking care of someone mentally abusive is a challenge. Disease progression causes some loved ones to become abusive with their language. They never tell their caregiver thank you while you’re standing there changing an adult diaper. They only care about what you can do for them. It will wear you out but if there’s nobody else to do the job, what do you do? Suffer in silence.

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