‘Cody is a homeless person. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of weeks.’ Mom shares heartbreaking and terrifying before and after images of her son, who is hooked to meth and heroin.

“These photographs were taken seven months apart.” That is how quickly someone is impacted by heroin and methamphetamine. For many people and families around the world today, this is the reality.

Cody Bishop, my oldest son, was born 27 years ago. That day eternally transformed my life as a first-born child into motherhood. He had always been a very active child. He was always busy with one sport or another, and he was a natural at it. Running from one practice to the next and teaching me how to be a parent kept me on my toes.

Then you grew up and had two lovely girls of your own, making me a grandmother for the first time. My family and friends who know me know that my oldest son, Cody Bishop, is battling an addiction. I’m afraid to share, but I believe I should since so many people have asked how things are doing.

Along the way, I’ve discovered that many people and families are going through the same thing, but they don’t talk about it. This is a real problem in our world today that we need to work together to solve, rather than the government fretting and spending all of their money throwing each other under the bus.

Cody is homeless in Las Vegas, and he hasn’t contacted me in weeks. It’s difficult to hear how awful he’s doing, but not listening at all is even more difficult. The unknown is what keeps people awake at night.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy / Facebook

It’s challenging to comprehend how someone with a family and children who love and rely on them can live the way they do. I’ve given it to God, and I’m hoping he decides he’s had enough of living like this and wants to return home for help.

I’ve met so many wonderful folks through social media who have crossed his path during his previous treatment. They have an excellent support system amongst themselves, and I thank those who have reached out to assist. I wanted to express my gratitude to all who have spoken with him and for all of the prayers.

This isn’t only a problem that affects my family. Almost everyone knows someone who is addicted to drugs or heroin. I pray for those suffering to find strength and healing for their family and friends.

Let’s take control of this situation and work together to solve it. Please call us if you see this, Cody… we love you!”

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy / Facebook

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