Dad, who stabbed friend for raping his 8-year-old daughter, released from jail: “Everyone is on his side”

After realizing that his longtime friend had been rapping his child girl and had even videotaped his heinous deed, the father, who had not been recognized, erupted into a frenzy.

After seeing a video of his 8-year-old daughter being raped by him, a parent in Russia allegedly killed his friend. When he saw the stomach-churning footage on his phone, 34-year-old Vyacheslav M had been drinking with his 32-year-old friend, Oleg Sviridov.

The father couldn’t believe what he was seeing and decided to confront his longtime friend, but he fled the scene before he could do so. As a result, Vyacheslav reported Sviridov to the police, who initiated a search for him. However, the victim’s father got to him first and allegedly stabbed him to death before the cops could find him.

Oleg Sviridov, a Russian father who was lauded as a hero for killing a buddy who reportedly raped his daughter, had been the girl’s babysitter on several occasions and allegedly sexually abused her countless times.

September 4, 2021 — Easytime (@Easytime4)

Sviridov had been a babysitter for the man’s kid on several occasions, according to in Australia. Unfortunately, this implied that he had sexually abused her on several occasions. Sviridov’s phone included videos of three other minors, all of whom were reportedly filmed being sexually molested.

Understandably, the father became enraged and began his search for Sviridov. Vyacheslav claimed the alleged rapist “stumbled on the knife during an argument” in a forest near the village after killing him. Even though the police later apprehended the father, many people praised him as a hero and demanded that he not be charged with murder for avenging his daughter’s rapist.

“He is not a killer; he has always safeguarded his daughter and our children. Everyone is rooting for him, “According to the New York Post, one stated. Ksenia Sobchak, a popular television journalist and former Russian presidential candidate remarked, “All parents are standing up for the pedophile’s killer.” According to the Daily Mail, he was released from detention when his neighbors “raised the money” needed to hire a qualified lawyer.

When another father realized his son had been lured, raped, and kidnapped by his karate coach in 1984, he was in a similar situation. When Gary Plauché’s 11-year-old son Jody went missing, he was worried ill. According to The Advocate, he was taken by his teacher, Jeff, in February of that year.

But, even before Jeff abducted Jody from his family, he had been assaulting the young kid since he began karate courses at the age of ten. While Jody regarded his coach as a close friend, the pedophile took advantage of him. “He had already been testing the boundaries for several months before he ever started doing anything,” Jody recalls as an adult.

He said, “He had initiated the grooming process, not just on me but on my family.” Jeff grabbed Jody on February 19, 1984, and he was raped in no time. Thankfully, authorities were able to track them down a week later. Jody’s parents, Gary and June, were thrilled to see their son again when he was returned home.

Jeff had been rapping Jody all along, according to an investigation. So, when the 25-year-old criminal was apprehended and brought back, Gary dressed in a baseball cap and sunglasses and waited near the phones at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport in Louisiana. Gary pulled out his revolver and shot the man in front of TV cameras as a police officer was taking his son’s rapist.

While Jeff died due to his gunshot wound, Gary pled no contest to manslaughter and received a five-year sentence. Apart from the time he spent in prison before his trial, he did not spend a day in jail for firing down his son’s rapist.

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