Daughter’s haircut without consent makes her father furious.

After a teacher at his bi-racial daughter’s school cut the 7-year-hair old’s without his permission, the father is still waiting for answers almost a month later.

On March 24, Jimmy Hoffmeyer’s daughter came home from school in tears, telling her father that a teacher had cut her hair.

The enraged father from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, claimed his daughter had three haircuts in a week, but the latest one, done by a teacher, left her heartbroken.

“You can’t just damp down and cut our kind of hair,” he told ABC12 News. “And that’s when I feel like they should have, even if they were trying to do it in the kindest of hearts, once they saw the outcome, they should have been like, okay, we messed up.”

“I think we should call him and tell him what occurred,” he continued.

Jurnee Hoffmeyer, according to Hoffmeyer, received three haircuts that week, the first of which was from another student.

“I mean, I chalked it up because it was a kid, and you don’t think about any major ramifications with a kid,” Hoffmeyer explained.

He took his 7-year-old daughter, who had left the house with long hair that morning, to a salon to get it styled by a professional.

Credit: AP

“So we brought her to the salon and got her an asymmetrical cut,” he explained. “She had a little short here, but she was talking about her shoulders on this side for quite a while.”

But the next day, she came home crying from school, claiming that a teacher had cut her hair.

“She was humiliated after that teacher clipped her hair. She was so humiliated. Because she had to return to class in such a state,” Hoffmeyer explained.

He called the school several times to learn more about what had occurred and why a teacher had chopped his child’s hair at school without his permission. However, he stated that he had yet to receive any responses.

Hoffmeyer claims the school has apologised, but officials refuse to release video of the incident on the bus or in the school.

“I’d like them to take responsibility for their actions,” he remarked. “For the most part, we’ve been calling for a public apology to let Jurnee know that yes, they understand that it was wrong and that it should never have been done and that she should never have gone through something like this,” said the group.

Jurnee has transferred to a new school, and her father intends to attend a school board meeting to learn more about what happened to his daughter that day.

Nobody is authorised to cut a child’s hair without their parents’ permission. Therefore I’m surprised the school keeps this quiet; this father needs answers.

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