“Deeply insulting” sweater from Target; The target reacts. Get through it

She took it off the shelf right away and took a picture.

People today are easily upset by things that were once accepted as usual. These emotions can be completely acceptable in some situations while being over the top in others.

You must decide if the young lady in the following scenario was justified in being upset with Target for carrying what she deemed an extremely unpleasant sweater.

Reign Murphy, who frequently shops there, decided to go out one day. A red sweater caught her eye among the wide variety of items sold there. She was astonished to see what was written on it after picking it up in her palm. “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder,” read the sweater. She was highly insulted since she has the psychiatric illness that 2.2 million Americans experience. Reign thought it was inappropriate for the retailer to make such a crude joke.

Source: Twitter

After that, she took a picture of the sweater and posted it on Twitter. She was taken aback by the volume of shares and comments. She wasn’t alone in thinking that the text on the item of apparel was offensive in practice. Of course, there were also individuals who, although living with the condition themselves, believed the message was neither disrespectful nor insulting.

Jessica Carlson, a spokesman for Target, apologized to anyone offended by the product but insisted that they would continue to sell it.

Source: Twitter

The shirts with signatures like “wedding,” “prize,” and “Mrs.” were among the designs that another woman had said were offensive and sold at Target.

She claimed that because of these designs, people began to think women could be purchased or sold.

Visit the video below for more information on the story, then let us know what you think in the comments.

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