Does anyone else put things in a ‘safe place’

Does anyone else put things
in a ‘safe place’ and instantly
forget where the ‘safe place’ is? 

My brain is like The
Bermuda Triangle…
Information goes in
and then it’s never
found again.

I’ve reached an age
where my train of
thought often leaves
the station without me.
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6 thoughts on “Does anyone else put things in a ‘safe place’”

  1. I think of something I need in another room, and by the time I get there, have totally forgotten what it was that I wanted to get! Senior moments rears it’s ugly head again!

    1. Best thing i do is go back to where i was then – Bingo, i now remember, “oh it was the comb!”

  2. As I get older I find my forgeter is perfect, it’s my memory that sucks. I was just going to add as I get older oops

  3. Short term memory failure got worse when I retired. I’m glad I am not the only one who has this. But the worst that could happen is when I forget I have a wife & will have many girlfriends.

  4. I could not figure out where i “safely” kept my wallet yesterday!!! Oh, i found it in the left pocket of my coat i decided to wear today so that i may not search for it!!

  5. If I put something in a safe place, it must be the safest place in the world. Usually never see it again.. Or if I do it’s the day after I purchase replacement for it.

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