Dog left in the park with “FREE” scrawled in permanent marker on her fur

Giving up a pet is never a happy scenario. But if you truly cannot care for your pet for any reason, you at least owe it to the animal to properly and morally dispose of it.

You ought to make every effort to find your pet a suitable new home or, at least, to give them to a shelter that can. It would help if you didn’t leave them out on their own, as many careless owners have regrettably done. It puts the animal in danger and is negligent.

That was the case with one dog whose former owner abandoned her in a way that left rescuers inconsolable to see. But with a little love, they were able to change her life.

A lab-mix puppy was discovered in Chillicothe, Ohio’s Yoctangee Park in May 2018. She had been abandoned by her prior owner, written all over her, so everyone knew immediately.

On the dog’s side, a rough permanent marker writing read “FREE DOG.”

Even worse, she was covered in marker writing.

On one side of the unfortunate dog’s face, it said, “Good home only,” and on the other, “I am a gift from God.”

This caps it off, said Brittany May of the Ross County Humane Society, who shared pictures of the puppy on Facebook. “I normally try to limit myself with my work life and with what I witness every day, but this just tops it off,” she added. How will you dispose of your dog while permanently marking it with the word FREE? I’m just not getting it!

“This is LOW on a whole other level!”

The dog was adopted by Ross County Humane Society, which gave her the name Marvella. Nothing like it had ever been seen before.

The office manager and adoption coordinator Sarah Cantrell admitted to TODAY that “we were all kind of stunned.” It simply appears like a childish action.

Even though the signs appear basic and degrading, the fact that the dog was abandoned outside and left exposed at the start of summer is a more serious problem. According to Sarah, many abandoned dogs die after being left on their own.

On the other hand, Marvella was fortunately unhurt and received all the care she needed from the humane organization. The staff concerted effort to remove the marker writing from her fur.

Sarah remarked that she was happy and healthy and did not experience heat exhaustion.

Today reports that the owner has been charged with animal cruelty, abandonment, and failing to get a license.

She has nevertheless spoken up to share her side of the tale. Kendra Stafford, Marvella’s previous owner, claimed to WCMH that her landlord forced her to give up the dog. She claimed that after trying in vain to find her home via Craigslist and discovering that all the shelters were already full, she had no choice but to leave the puppy in the park with a placard.

She said, “I went to my car to look for a piece of tape, but I couldn’t find a piece of tape.” “I then pulled out a permanent pen that wasn’t meant for my dog… after which I had that embarrassing moment when I thought, “Oh my my, I messed up like she looks awful.”

Although I realize what I said about the dog was a mistake, I had only good intentions when I did it.

Although Ross County is the only shelter in the region, the network stated that they have no record of Stafford contacting them with the dog, which raises some questions about the integrity of her account.

Sarah Cantrell of Today charges a $50 surrender fee to take in an animal, although they will assist people in their circumstances.

Fortunately, Marvella’s story has a satisfying conclusion. She was given up for adoption as soon as she was fully recovered. People around the nation called and left messages asking to adopt her. Even a pressure washing firm offered to pay her adoption fees, and other people contributed to her care costs.

In the end, Linette Wrightsel and her family welcomed her into their loving home.

Although this mistreated dog had a happy ending, many others might use our assistance.

Please remember that dogs given away as “free to good homes” in any shelter always look for their forever homes, just like Marvella, Ross County posted on Facebook. “Please adopt, don’t shop, and help your neighborhood animal shelters.”

That Marvella has a good forever home is fantastic to hear! We appreciate the rescuers who looked after her, and we sincerely hope that more individuals will continue to save abandoned pets worldwide.

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