Don’t Live Your Life To Impress Others

It’s Okay!
To repeat clothes.
Not to upgrade your phone.
To buy second hand items.
To live in a simple home.
To live a simple life.

Life is a lot more
easier when you are
living it to impress your
positive inner-self.
Most people are quite
hard to impress; so
why waste your time
and energy trying
to impress them?
-Edmond Mbiaka

One reason why
birds and horses
are happy is because
they are not trying
to impress other
birds and horses.
-Dale Carnegie

I’m happy to be me.
I may not be perfect
but I am honest, loving,
and real. I don’t try to
be what I am not and
I don’t try to impress
anyone. I am me..

In the end,
people will judge
you anyway, so don’t
live your life impressing
others—live your life
impressing yourself

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