Every day, a girl feeds a homeless man, but she soon learns who he is.

This waitress fed this homeless man on a daily basis. He was frequently seen around the restaurant, especially once he discovered how sweet his young lady was to him.

They saw each other so frequently that they developed a strong bond over time. She attempted to look him up every day before and after work, and he always smiled. She assumed she knew everything there was to know about him.

But then she discovered who he truly was…


Sarah, 20, has spent several years working at the restaurant around the corner from her. She was able to study and put the money she earned here to good use.

Every day for a while, however, there was a battered-looking man on the sidewalk. He didn’t appear to beg, but simply stated that he enjoyed being there.

Sarah found it difficult to watch the man in this state, so she brought him leftover food from the kitchen every day after her shift.

But she had no idea who this man was…

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Sarah ran into the battered man again on her way to the restaurant after her lectures one day.

Unlike the previous time she saw him, she was not taken aback by his appearance and instead offered him a friendly greeting.

“See you tonight, Harold!” she exclaimed excitedly as she entered the restaurant for her shift.

Harold, on the other hand, had different ideas…

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Sarah’s shift ended when the clock struck ten o’clock. She took off her apron and tossed it on the counter, exhausted.

Before she left the house, she went into the kitchen to grab Harold’s leftovers. As she walked out the door, she cried out, “See you tomorrow!”

Harold, on the other hand, was not waiting for her in his customary spot. He called her towards him this time, standing against a wall in an alley…

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Sarah paused for a second. Harold was usually overjoyed to see her and happily accepted her meal.

Before she went, they talked briefly about the company, her supervisor, and her schooling. It was different this time.

Sarah proceeded down the alley, perplexed, to find Harold waiting for her in the dark. Something in Sarah’s body warned her there was something wrong this time. The man was a little jittery, and his welcoming smile had vanished.

Was he planning something?

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“Come here quickly,” Harold said quietly, attempting to stay out of the restaurant’s light. “I’d like to share something with you…”

Sarah took a cautious step towards the alley. Her heart was hammering against the inside of her throat. Was she correct in her actions? If something happened to her in a dark alley, no one would notice.

What was her level of familiarity with Harold? She was aware that he was homeless and had pity for him. But he was behaving weirdly now…

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Sarah, on the other hand, decided to take a chance. Harold had always appeared to be a lovely guy who had never harmed a fly.

It was difficult for her to judge him only on the basis of her instincts. She moved down the alley, one step at a time, as Harold called her. “Get out of here before anyone notices!”

Sarah looked Harold in the eyes once she was out of sight of the restaurant. He had a brilliant, fire look in his eyes, which was totally different from previously.

He said, “You have to do something for me…”

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When Harold disclosed who he really was and what he was doing, Sarah was taken aback by his attitude and just wanted to get out of his way.

She had the potential to berate herself! How could she have been so easily duped? However, there was no time to be concerned. It was imperative that action be taken IMMEDIATELY!

Sarah walked back to the restaurant and opened the doors with Harold close behind her. Harold immediately sped passed her, pulling a badge from his pocket.

“FBI! Put your hands in the air!”

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Sarah’s employer, who was the only person left in the building, was shocked. Instead of throwing his hands in the air like an innocent person would, he made a hasty retreat.

The eatery was transformed into a crime scene in a matter of seconds. Her boss was a small-town restaurateur. He can’t possibly be in the FBI’s sights, can he? What could he possibly have done wrong?

Harold, who had become quite adept at walking, managed to drag the man down and handcuff him just in time.

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He later told Sarah that he had been spying on the restaurant for months because there were rumours that big sums of money were being laundered there.

He also offered Sarah a job in exchange for her services. She became Harold’s personal assistant and assisted him in the resolution of numerous additional cases.

She was able to support her whole education with the money she made, and after studying criminology, she received her PhD and became a full member of the FBI.

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