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Every night, a woman pays a visit to a homeless man – When you find out why try not to cry.

It’s two o’clock in the morning. This woman looks to see if her partner is still awake. She checks to see if he can hear anything by lightly tapping the edge of the bed. She then rises from her bed and carefully exits the room.

She walks towards the bridge, gently closing the front door behind her. This is where the majority of homeless people sleep. She visits this homeless man every night.

She isn’t fond of snooping around here. She’ll have a serious problem if her partner finds out about it. But, unfortunately, she has no option because this homeless man has complete control over her.

When you understand, why try not to cry…


Mandy, 31, took off her make-up as Tom, 32, looked out of bed. She was breathtakingly lovely. Before going to bed, she used to apply a night cream to her face. This gave her a warm glow. She also had a floral scent to her.

She sat down next to him. The action brought a whiff of delicious cream into his nostrils. Mandy switched off the bedside light and murmured, “Sleep well, honey.”

He gave a contented smile. This was possibly his finest hour. After a long day at work, he wants to sleep in bed with the woman of his dreams.

Unfortunately, he had observed something about his Mandy in the last several days. Something that would completely devastate his life!


Tom got down on one knee a few months ago. A few seconds after, Mandy said yes were the happiest of his life.

The wedding was less than a month away. As a result, he was very concerned about recent events. Mandy has been behaving weirdly lately.

She snuck away every night after he went to sleep. She returned a few hours later and climbed back into bed with him. She was acting as if nothing had happened and that she hadn’t gone anywhere.

What had happened?

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Last week, he found out by accident while she believed he was sleeping. She said “Tom” quietly, hoping that he wouldn’t answer and continue to sleep. He couldn’t react because he was half asleep. However, he became aware of this when she snuck away.

She didn’t say anything about it the next day. Then, later that night, the same thing happened.

Tom has claimed to be sleeping for the past five days, but he has heard Mandy sneak out of the room at night. And then, after a few hours, softly slip back into bed.

It happened again last night, just like it had done the previous nights. “Are you awake, Tom?”

This time, though, he chose to pursue her!

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Mandy walked out the door fifteen minutes later, and Tom tracked her down. She took a walk along the Sentinal, a large bridge close to their home. This is where she descended the stairwell.

What had his fiancĂ©e been up to? Was she having an affair with him? Tom’s mind was filled with a slew of other awful alternatives. He dashed down the opposite side of the bridge’s stairwell. He noticed Mandy standing beneath the bridge when he was downstairs.

She walked over to a tent in the bridge’s corner and sat down.

“What the hell was going on here?” said the narrator.


Because of the light in the tent, he noticed that there was another person inside. The door was zipped shut by the other individual.

At the same time, Tom felt perplexed and enraged. He was clenching his teeth, and his pupils were wide open. He remained to stare at the tent with a cold expression on his face.

He hesitated before approaching the tent and opening the entrance. He was going to catch his wife in the act. There are no justifications.

He didn’t dare, though. Tom was smitten with Mandy and wished to marry her. All he wanted was for everything to return to normal.

But things would never be the same when he discovered her secret!

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Mandy reappeared an hour later with a strange man. He had a beard and was dressed in ancient, filthy clothes. His raincoat’s hat was snugly cinched up.

He had the appearance of a homeless person. And the tent was most likely his residence.

The two took a stroll along the street. She was giggling and holding the wanderer’s hand warmly. “Did she cheat on him?” Tom wondered as he walked slowly.

He caught up with them by running along a parallel road. Then he sat and waited for the two to round the corner. They appeared to be singing. They seemed to be happy with each other.

Tom jumped out of nowhere!


Mandy was taken aback. Tom’s bright bloodshot eyes and his tense jawline were visible to her. His rage drove him to clench his teeth tightly. He even began to cry a little as a result of his wrath.

“Honey, what are you doing here?” She exclaimed in astonishment. Tom, on the other hand, was preoccupied with the homeless man. He hadn’t said anything at all.

“Who is this!” her enraged fiance exclaimed, his voice shaking. He proceeded carefully towards the drifter, pointing to him.

Mandy stood in the middle of the two males. “Here’s what I’m talking about, honey!”


Mandy elaborated:

“Last month, I took the Sentinal back to my apartment. It was gradually becoming darker. I had to stay at work a little longer, and when I got in the car, it wouldn’t start. You couldn’t answer the phone because you were on duty at the time. So I made the decision to walk home!”

She glanced at the drifter before moving on.

“I heard an odd noise as I walked beneath the bridge. It made lovely sounds. I got shivers listening to a native elf song. I walked under the bridge to see where it came from!”

Then something happened!

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The homeless man was singing a song under the bridge by himself. He was surrounded by nothing. Mandy was the only one who snuck around the corner and stared at him.

This music occurred to be familiar to her. And approached him.

It was a Sanquo song from Guatemala. When the wanderer was stationed there as a soldier, he learnt this and formed friends with the Kaqchikel, the local people. You won’t be able to understand this kind of music anyplace else. It was quite uncommon.

But why did she return to this man night after night?

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Mandy’s eyes were welling up with tears. Her secret had been uncovered, and she was disappointed. She continued, sobbing, with the following words:

“Sanquo music is a type of music that is performed for the purpose of bringing love and happiness to the person to whom it is sung. The plan is to learn from him and sing in this style during our wedding. I desperately desire to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. This song would bless our love and strengthen our tie. We’ll be able to stay together indefinitely this way!”

Tom snatched Mandy’s hand, relieved. Then something extraordinary happened!

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He turned to face her and replied,

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I was afraid you were having an affair with me. But I had no idea what was going to happen. Is it okay if I accompany you from now on? Then at the wedding, we’ll be able to sing this song to each other. Then we bless our extra in the future!”

They exchanged hugs. Tom went to the homeless man every night after that.

The time had come a month later. The newlywed pair grabbed a microphone after exchanging “yes” words. And they sang each other a lovely Sanquo serenade.

Their love couldn’t be broken, and they were certain now!

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