Father brings baby home from the hospital seven weeks after mother-to-be dies in a car crash

In early July, Samantha Russell was killed in Wichita, Kansas, when a guy attempting to elude police crashed into her vehicle.

The soon-to-be mother, 22, was 33 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, she was brought to the hospital by paramedics who suspected her unborn kid was still alive and her baby boy was born.

Mac Russell returned home with his father Brandon seven weeks later.

Brandon announced the good news on social media, thanking everyone who helped Mac become strong enough to return home.


Mac has arrived at his new home! #Macreveal #fyp #nicu #madeithome #Macreveal #fyp #nicu #madeithome

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Brandon was left to mourn the loss of his high school girlfriend while still celebrating the birth of his first kid following the horrific tragedy.

Brandon described her as “wonderful” and “all I ever wanted or could ask for.”

Brandon updated relatives and friends on Mac’s condition on Facebook regularly.

“Mac is performing admirably. He wrote, “He is making progress every day, ” days after his birth.” “The doctors aren’t sure how long he was without oxygen, and they told me yesterday that he has some damage to his white matter in the brain after an MRI.”

And, while he was grieving for his wife, he promised to always be there for Mac.

“Of course, nothing will ever be the same,” he wrote on Facebook, “but I still have a purpose.” “In this wild world, I take comfort in that Mac is here with us, and I’m glad for his good health.” He’ll be well-versed in his mother’s life.”

Samantha’s killer has been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated violence, and two counts of felony escape and elude, among other crimes.

Mac, you are a miraculous baby, and I hope you understand how much you are cherished.

Your father and family members will, without a doubt, look after you and make sure you know everything there is to know about your mother, who was taken from you before you had a chance to get to know her.

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