For six weeks of restaurant employment, a waitress claims she was paid only one cent.

A Nashville-based waitress named Liny says she made just one cent in six weeks after taxes.
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While working as a waiter at a Nashville restaurant for six weeks, a TikTok user claimed she earned only one cent.

Liny, a 25-year-old service worker, posted a video on the social media site last month displaying her pay stubs.

In the United States, the least pay (federal) designed for leant workers remains US$ 2.13/per hour. Federal, Social Security, then Medicare taxes are, nevertheless, withheld from earned income in Tennessee. Liny was left with a meagre $0.01 from her boss.

Liny didn’t say how many hours she worked over the six-week pay period, and she didn’t say how much money she made in tips during that time.

The waitress, on the other hand, writes to her TikTok followers in the caption of her video, “Tip your servers!!!”

Liny’s demand enraged several viewers, with one responding, “It’s not my job to pay your debts.” “I’ve got my own bills to pay.” That comment received a total of 10,200 likes.

Another viewer agreed, saying, “Blame the corporations you’re working for, not the customers.” “They don’t need to tip in other nations since they pay a living wage.”

“As a server, I can easily make $4400 a month.” “Don’t be fooled by the empty checks if you’re serving and earning far more than your hourly pay,” a third person commented.

The brunette didn't disclose how much she received in tips.
NY Post

Others, on the other hand, disagreed and defended Liny.

One fan suggested, “If you can’t tip, go to McDonalds or cook at home.”

“You didn’t pass the vibe test.” A second participant said, “When someone takes your order and brings your food, they are performing a service.”

Some viewers hit out at Liny, saying they didn't feel like they should be forced to tip waitstaff.
NY Post

Of course, not every server has been in this circumstance. Last month, a Hooters waitress posted on TikTok that she had made a lot of money thanks to excellent tips. Even yet, the hours are long.

Kristen Songer, who works at a South Carolina franchise, claimed she bartended for seven hours on a Sunday and earned $408 in tips. She earned $350 for working from 10:30 a.m. Monday until midnight, then $190 for a six-hour stint the next day.

The blond bartender brags about receiving a $60 tip from a client who gave it to her “simply for talking to him.”

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