For The First Time, A 102-Year-Old Lady Sees Herself Dancing

In the 1930s and 1940s, Alice worked as a professional dancer, but she had never seen herself on film. Her response when she sees herself from all those years ago is priceless.

Nowadays, everyone has a video camera with them.

You probably have no recollection of the first time you watched yourself on film. Seeing yourself on film, however, is always thrilling!

Imagine if you had been dancing for years but had never seen yourself on film; it would most likely astound you.


When someone brought footage of her dancing to the hospital, that’s exactly what occurred to this 102-year-old dancer.

She danced in the Harlem Renaissance, but she had never seen herself dance before.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Alice Barker was a chorus dancer.


Alice Baker’s time as a dancer was a long time ago, a distant memory. She never believed she’d be viewing herself on a screen all these years later; it was as if she’d been transported back in time.

They misspelled her name as “Baker” instead of “Barker,” which Alice claims was a common occurrence back then. When Alice first sees the clip, you can see her eyes light up with joy.

The first film they watch is the 1943 film ‘Sepia Steppers,’ in which you can see Alice on the right.

The dances were choreographed, and complicated sequences were performed in live clubs. Alice and the other dancers imitate each other step for step in stunning clothes.


Alice tries to hide her smile, which is visible on her face, and she even explains how and why the other dancers gave her a particular moniker.

The other dancers gave Alice the nickname “Chicken Little” back then.

Most of us associate “Chicken Little” with the classic children’s film, but Alice is the original “Chicken Little!” Her fellow dancers bestowed moniker was bestowed to her by her fellow dancers simply because she enjoyed the chicken.


“Because they’d always ask, ‘What do you want to eat?’ whenever we went somewhere.” “They dubbed me chicken little because I’d say ‘Chicken.'” Alice explained.

They even discovered footage of Alice dancing with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, a celebrity.

They have a lot of footage to show the 102-year-old, from full-scale dance routines to just looking lovely and showing off a little leg.

Alice can be seen in the background of one of the videos, which has famed Bill “Bojangles” Robinson playing. At one point, Robinson summoned the dancers, and there she was, right in the front row.


The 102-year-heart old is swelled with delight when she sees herself on film for the first time.

Alice expresses her feelings about viewing the tape at the end of the movie, and she describes how it felt to be paid to perform something she enjoys.


“It’s incredible to see those and recall everything that happened.” I used to tell myself all the time, “I’m getting paid to do something I enjoy, and I’d do it for free.” Because it felt so amazing to do that, and because that music, you know, gets me carried away,” Alice explained.

For The First Time A 102-Year-Old Lady Sees Herself Dancing

There is an incredible movie of Alice’s response to seeing herself for the first time all those years ago.

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