Forester discovers an underground pipe and gets scared of his life when he gets closer.

Patrick, a forest ranger, went for his daily walk into his nearby woodland without suspecting anything.

But then, out of nowhere, he observes two big metal tubes protruding from the earth, which he has never seen before. What had brought them here?

He hears a desperate-sounding voice coming from one of the tubes as he draws closer…


Patrick, a dedicated forester, has recently started working as a conservationist. In the south of Germany, he was in charge of a big, diversified forest.

He was busy exploring the area during his first days when he came across these two weird tubes. He’d spent hundreds of hours in this woodland but had never seen them before.

Patrick thought it was an odd location for ventilation pipes. He decided to investigate further. He was taken aback when he heard something he hadn’t expected. One of the tubes emitted a desperate harsh sound.



Patrick drew closer to the tube, put his ear toward it, and knew instantly. From beneath the ground, he heard a voice. Sharp, incomprehensible, and obviously desperate.


It was silent for a little moment. Maybe he was hallucinating and just heard the wind howling through the pipes. A shudder ran down his spine as he was ready to turn around again.

“HELP! HELP!” exclaims the crowd.

Through the pipe, a wail of despair sounded from deep within the earth…


Patrick quickly grabbed his intercom radio and requested assistance from a coworker.

“Is there anyone who can help? Is there anyone who can assist me?” He yelled into the machine. There was no reaction. “I believe someone is trapped underground in the woods, and I require assistance.” There has been no reaction.

Patrick snatched his phone from his pocket and dialled the emergency number. The person on the other end of the line said she’d call the cops, but it would take at least an hour. “Sir, getting to this location is challenging. We’ll make every effort to arrive as quickly as possible “He was informed by the lady.

He said to himself, “Wow, that’s fantastic.” I can’t just abandon this person, can I?!


Although assistance was on the way, Patrick couldn’t stand leaving the individual alone. He made the decision to conduct his own investigation. He began seeking an entry with a torch and his phone.

“What was the source of that voice, anyway?! What can I do to get closer?!” Patrick muttered something to himself.

He chose to hike over the surrounding hill because there was no access near the tubes. A concrete entrance could be seen on the other side of the hill. Patrick walked right in without a second’s hesitation.

It was completely dark. Patrick carefully turned on his flashlight and stared straight ahead. What had happened to him now? It resembled a maze of passageways from a horror film…


There was only one thing to do: continue walking straight ahead. Patrick took a few steps forward slowly, his ears trained on the unfamiliar sounds. The weeping voice might also be heard here.

Patrick reasoned, “I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been here recently.” There was graffiti on the walls here and there, as well as plastic wrappers in some areas.

He could now plainly hear the voice. “Help. Please assist “, he was able to deduce at this point. He dashed away and found a corridor that led to another room. He was startled by a loud bang. A metal object dropped to the ground in the next room.

Was anyone else in the room? Should he be concerned?


Patrick continued walking and noticed that there was a coating of water covering everything around him. There was no one to see when the loud blast sounded from his right side. Now he could hear a torrent of water. It sounded like it came from a burst pipe that was rapidly filling the corridor!

“Is there anyone there? Is there anyone there? “asked the voice, which was no longer so far away. It originated in the same location. I’ll get my feet wet, Patrick reasoned. He didn’t pause for a second before walking across the water with strong strides and opening the door on the opposite side of the corridor.

The door wasn’t simple to pry open, but Patrick managed to accomplish so in the end. But what he found behind that door was something he hadn’t anticipated seeing…


An odd opening appeared behind the door. Was there a second entrance here? It appeared to be a submarine’s entrance. And there’s another one behind it. What is the name of this location? And why are there so many passages?

Patrick could now clearly hear the voice he had previously heard. “I’m come to say hello! Are you able to hear me? “a terrified voice screamed Patrick was getting close to the individual and needed to find them immediately. His heart began to beat faster as he ascended through the gaps.

It became colder and damper as he progressed deeper into the underground complex. Patrick’s heart skipped a beat as he passed through the final opening. He covered his mouth with his palm and fought the tears that were welling up in his eyes.


An elderly woman sat crouched on the floor in the corner of the small room. She was shivering and upset due to the cold. Her clothing was filthy. Patrick instantly removed his coat and slung it over the woman’s shoulders.

“What are you doing here, Madam? What brought you here?” Patrick inquired of the lady. He took out his phone to call for assistance once more, but there was no service down there.

The woman cried and looked at Patrick with a sad expression on her face. She confessed, “I got lost.”

What she said next broke Patrick’s heart.


“My husband died six months ago, and he worked here for virtually his whole life,” she explained to Patrick. “I wanted to go in one last time with him. To truly bid farewell.”

She told Patrick that the underground complex had been used by the government as a research centre for decades. Her spouse had spent many years working on the projects here and was proud of his achievements.

“I brought him along…” Patrick was shown a little urn that she had taken from her luggage. He was moved, but he also realised that they needed to get out fast before the entire area was swamped…


Patrick assisted the woman in her ascent and walked alongside her on her way out. They climbed through the apertures that Patrick had entered together. The rooms, thankfully, were still usable.

They finally spotted daylight and realised that the exit must not be far away. Patrick didn’t want to add to the woman’s load, so he walked slowly. He sat her down on a fallen tree trunk once they were outside.

“What should I do now with my husband’s ashes?” the widow expressed her dissatisfaction.


Patrick and the old woman had arranged for the complex to be filled with sand two weeks after the incident. They decided it would be best to return the facility to nature now that it was no longer employed as a research centre.

They paid one last visit to the location where the facility had existed. Patrick had suggested that the woman scatter her late husband’s ashes along the tubes as a final farewell. This wasn’t normally permitted in a nature reserve, but Patrick made an exception.

The woman eventually spread the ashes of her beloved husband, exactly over the research facility that had been so precious to him for years, at the conclusion of a glorious summer day…


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