Girl, 3, ‘viciously’ attacked in restaurant by dog wearing service vest

The family of a 3-year-old who was mauled by a pit bull wearing a service vest in a restaurant must consider the possibility that their youngster may be permanently scarred.

Following the horrible occurrence in a restaurant in Old Town Spring, Texas, dad James Waldroup claimed he had to chase the woman and the dog as they fled.

According to ABC News, the parents had lingered at the door to fold the stroller as a family friend, Kimberly Parker, took the 3-year-old girl Ronin into the restaurant.

Kimberly reported that the toddler met with the dog as she was being followed to the restaurant line.

GRAPHIC: Girl, 3, bitten by dog wearing service vest in Texas restaurant

She said, “It grabbed her face and shook her.” “The dog let go of the lady as she yanked on the leash, and she just dropped like a rag doll.”

While her father, James, went after the woman who had fled the restaurant with the dog, Ronin’s mother, Cleveratta Gordon-Waldroup, took her to the restroom to examine her wounds.

James finally caught up with the woman and informed her that she had to stay because of what had occurred.

According to ABC News, “She yells at me, “It’s your daughter’s fault!”

Family searches for answers after 3-year-old girl attacked by dog inside  restaurant in Old Town Spring

Everyone was capturing their interactions on video. A man can be seen escorting the dog owner away. Waldroup captured the woman’s face and registration plate on camera.

A GoFundMe website created to aid the family claims that Ronin was rushed to the hospital and given 15 stitches on her face. The doctors advised her parents to speak with a plastic surgeon, who also assured them that she was unlikely to have severe scarring.

Her mother remarked, “It’s enough that she’s going to suffer the mental agony. “I don’t want the mirror to serve as a constant reminder of what happened to her whenever she looks in it.”

“It transcends language,”

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the dog’s owner is someone they know, and they have a meeting with her planned.

The family claims they want the dog’s owner to face the consequences.

It goes beyond words, said mom Cleveratta, “for them to not show any compassion or regret even to pause and ask if my kid was OK.”

GRAPHIC: Girl, 3, bitten by dog wearing service vest in Texas restaurant
Fox19 News

All dog owners ought to be responsible for the behavior of their animals. If there is even a remote possibility that this dog would attack someone, it should not be in a confined public area.

I hope that justice is done and young Ronin can overcome her tragedy.

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