Girl, 4, accidentally hangs herself from tree in freak accident just days after becoming a big sis to baby twins

When the mother saw an ambulance at the end of the road, she was terrified. “Freya’s hung herself in a tree,” her companion reported a few moments later.

Freya Thorpe, four years old, was playing near her home when she unintentionally hung herself in a tree and died two days later.

Freya had just become an older sister to her twin siblings around 10 days before the tragic tragedy, and she was already proving to be a doting big sister to them. Freya had parked her bike and started climbing a tree while playing outside a neighbour’s house in Upper Heyford, Oxon, UK. The straps of her pink unicorn cycling helmet were entangled in the tree and strangled the child.

According to the Daily Mail, “because of the stark nature of the tree bark, which is not channelled or grooved like some bark,” it would have been “a tad slick to climb without adequate boots.” “This was simply a child climbing a tree and possibly losing her footing, causing her helmet to become trapped on a branch and the helmet straps to strangle her. It’s cruel and unjust, yet it appears to be a tragic accident.”

More than a year has gone by since Freya died in the hospital two days after the unfortunate accident in September of 2019. However, her mother, Elise Thorpe, continues to experience “awful anguish and memories” due to the occurrence.

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According to The Sun, the mother said on Facebook, “I am a broken individual, caught in a hailstorm of anguish.” “Every day and night, we live in torment, torture, utter shock, and unfathomable anguish.”

She and her partner Chris were on “cloud nine” in the days leading up to the tragic day after the family had twins. The atmosphere in the house immediately changed, and Elise recalls her panic when she spotted an ambulance at the end of the road on that sad September.

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“Freya’s hung herself in a tree,” Chris stated as he went inside the house.

Following that, they spent hours in the hospital, agonising over whether they would be able to return home with their young girl alive. “Imagine being so joyful and on top of the world in your own home one minute and then never returning home to a house again,” the mother shared.

After two days in the hospital, Freya was pronounced dead, beginning what the devastated mother described as “a life sentence of agony.”

Elise admitted, “I’ve never been more suicidal.” “I wake up to the same everyday routine; I’m afraid to sleep because of nightmares; I’m afraid to get up because of the dreadful agony and flashbacks.”

Elisa remarked, as she watched Freya’s younger brother and sister grow up, “I see Freya’s attributes and appearance in them, even though Freya is not around. We are deficient. Every significant event, such as a birthday or Christmas, is a pain because it makes you wonder how she would have looked and developed.”

“We would have taken our lives in the hospital that night, without a doubt, had I not given birth only 10 days before,” the sad mother added.

Elise’s anguish was exacerbated when she witnessed people ridicule them and criticise their parenting abilities. “People who inquired, ‘Where were the parents?’ have scrutinised and abused us. ‘How could they have let her out by herself!?'” Elise agreed.

The mother continued, ” “Freya was and still is our universe, and we provided her love and a life we could only dream of as children. I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to because we’re ruined, but we’ll try for the sake of the twins.”

Source: GoFundMe

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