Girl with Down syndrome, loses over 40 pounds and gets into modelling.

When one deliberately mixes ideas and values to pick a path of action, one makes an intentional decision. When faced with a decision between possibilities, they are made implicitly if one relies on a ritualized response (habit, tradition). You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Even though your mind is feeble, you will achieve it without a problem if you focus it on a goal. You have the potential to be the finest of the best. You can travel thousands of miles and return as a completely different person than before. You can become a global champion if you have faith in yourself and think that you can achieve whatever it is that you genuinely desire.

Against all obstacles, a young woman has overcome her illness and pursued her life’s ambition. Madeline Stuart is a young lady with Down syndrome. She has always been drawn to models and modelling in general since she was a child. When her mother took her to a modelling show, she was awestruck. She aspired to be like them. And she embarked on a diet and weight-loss journey with zeal. She went so far that she lost more than 40 pounds and was now more than ready to enter the modelling industry.

But Madeline was well aware that it would not be simple. She tried and tried to book a show till she finally got her chance. She became enamored with the market after entering, and she performed more than 18 times. Madeline is now attempting to climb the career ladder by becoming an official model for the Victoria Secret Down syndrome campaign.

On the other side, she has to decline shows to check herself into the hospital casually, but everything has worked out so far for this brave woman.

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