God guides our paths

Every day you wake is a unique blessing on its own. Many had plans for the next day, but never woke up to see it. Be thankful.
The night is a mystery of its own. You don’t know what happens when you close your eyes and drift into sleep. No one knows what happens in those long hours of sleep. What matters is that our eyes weren’t closed forever, be thankful.
I have seen people escape death by a hairbreadth. It is not that they are unique or better than the dead. You aren’t the most beautiful or talented, but you are still breathing. Be grateful.
Each day of our life should be a thanksgiving to God. We should leave every moment of our life as though it’s our last. No one knows what will happen next, especially in the dark hours of the day when we ought to sleep.
The night is one of the most significant times in the world. You can never know the terror and uncertainties it might bring. We never seem to know what happens as we drift to the wonderland.
It is important that we thank God for seeing us through those moments of our life, and waking up to another bright and beautiful day.
Even the day comes with its mysteries, but still, we are safe. God is great, and his mercy and protection live forever. Thank you, Lord, for everything. You alone is worthy of being praised and adored forever.

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