God is true, stay close to him

Most of the time, we are the architects of our problems and disasters. We often forget the need to confront the Supreme Being in each step we take in life. We feel so sure and proud of our human capabilities forgetting there are things our eyes can see.
The Supreme Being is no other person than God. He is our father and comforter. He is always there for us in every step we take in life.
Our knowledge as humans can be uncertain. We claim to know it all, forgetting there are always things beyond our imaginations, though God created us to be like him, man deviated from this holiness. We can only be like him once again by staying close to him and abiding in his words.
A life without God is a meaningless life. No one can direct and guide us as he does. He knows all our hidden thoughts and motives. Without God, we are like a car without a wheel.
One of the secrets of success is being close to God. Listen to him and abide by his words. You can never know his plans for us until you reach the end. He sees beyond us, and his plans for us are always right.
God is supreme over mortals. We are just like sands in his palm. He is the author of life and knows it all. We can only be great if we believe in him. He will never forsake you if you listen to his voice.
God is true and will always see us through. He who watches us will never let us be defeated. With God, everything is possible.

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