Happy Easter To All My Friends

To My Friends Who
I’m Honored To Have
In My Life. May This
Easter Fill Your Soul
With Joy, Bring Love To
Your Heart and Bless You
With Everything This Life
Has To Offer.. Amen

“You can cut all
the flowers but you
cannot keep spring
from coming.”
-pablo Neruda

The great gift of Easter
is hope – Christian hope
which makes us have that
confidence in God, in his
ultimate triumph, and in his
goodness and love, which
nothing can shake.
-Basil Hume

I really do believe
that God is love, one
of deep affection and
grace and forgiveness
and inspiration.
-william p. Young

What is the real purpose
behind the Tooth Fairy,
the Easter Bunny and Santa
Claus? They seem like
greater steps toward
faith and imagination,
each with a payoff. Like
cognitive training exercises.
-chuk palahniuk

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