Happy Valentine’s Day

From my home to yours,
near and far, to all my
friends and family, I wish
you a Happy, Safe,
Peaceful and Blessed
Valentine’s Day..

“When first we fall in love,
we feel that we know all there
is to know about life, and perhaps
we are right.”—Mignon McLaughlin

“Love is life. All, everything
that I understand, I understand
only because I love. Everything
is, everything exists, only
because I love.” —Leo Tolstoy

“When we love, we always
strive to become better than
we are. When we strive to
become better than we are,
everything around us
becomes better too.”
—Paulo Coelho

You’re a hard working
woman and always put
everyone before yourself.
I appreciate everything
you have done for me
and I love you.

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