Have you ever lost all respect for someone

Have you ever lost respect for someone? Like you don’t have them, but you don’t feel the need to associate yourself or say anything to them?
I believe people change, whether negatively, positively.
When I was in highschool, I had a small circle. We never lie to each other, and had each other’s back.
We were so close, and our families were aware of our relationship.
My circle was made up of two girls and two boys; I am the second girl obviously.
We never spend the weekend apart from each other; we were also excelling in our school work, that teachers called us the fantastic four. We were also known in the church as the best Bible quiz children.
We were very close, until the worst started happening. The second girl amongst us relocated with her parents, and I was then the only girl.
I felt it was normal, as I always take them as my brother. We became closer, and almost inseparable.
We finished highschool, and entered college. People thought we were siblings as wer were always seen together.
On one unfortunate day, it was raining, and they decided to sleep over in my house as their houses were quite far from school.
I allowed them, as that wasn’t the first time we are spending the night together on the same bed.
The oldest amongst us decided to sleep on the couch as the bed wasn’t that wide. He left the bedspace for just I and Josh. Yeah, that was his name, how can I forget.
I slept off immediately, and woke up when I noticed my clothes slipping off me. I woke up immediately, Josh wanted to rape me.
Well, thank God for James not being a deep sleeper and coming to my rescue. I later found out he became a cultist after we left highschool.
Who could believe, the most popular Bible quiz child and the child of a pastor could get worse.
Well people always change, but let it always be for the better.

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