Teen works after school to buy a gift for a paralytic friend

Tanner noticed how much his friend struggled in his wheelchair and decided to act.

Friendships can help people get through almost any situation. A good friend will often recognize what you require before you even ask for it, and they will want to assist you. A strong and supportive friendship can get you through almost any situation. That’s why we like this storey about two high school friends in Arkansas. When a differently-abled young man needed assistance, a friend went above and beyond.

Brandon was in a manual wheelchair when he met Tanner.


Brandon got around their high school hallways using a wheelchair that users power with their arm strength. It was, however, taking its toll on him.


Those wheelchairs can be physically demanding, and Brandon was tired of them. He stated to THV11:

“My arms would get so tired that I’d have to stop and rest.”

Tanner observed his friend’s difficulty in using the wheelchair.


Brandon would occasionally ask Tanner to push his wheelchair when they were together. Tanner was delighted to assist, but Brandon mentioned how much he would love to have an electric wheelchair. Tanner saw how difficult Brandon’s life was because he didn’t have an electric wheelchair, and it appears that it was a no-brainer for him to step in and try to assist. Tanner tells THV11:

“He’s just been a great friend, and I wanted to do him a favour…”


I just felt like I had to do it and that I wanted to do it.”

The high school student became determined to get his friend a wheelchair.

Tanner got a part-time job and started saving money for his friend.


Tanner was employed for two years. He got a job at an auto repair shop after school and worked every afternoon. He used all of the money he saved to buy a self-powered wheelchair. He was aware that his friend might be unable to assist himself and that we all needed to pitch in to help each other from time to time.

Tanner had to look for quite some time to find the ideal wheelchair for his friend.

Tanner had intended to give Brandon all of the money he had saved as a graduation present, but his mother went looking on Facebook Marketplace. She discovered a wheelchair that Tanner thought would make an ideal gift for his friend. He decided to give it to him for his birthday.

Tanner gave the wheelchair to Brandon during the school day after purchasing it.

Brandon sobbed when he first received the wheelchair.


Brandon was overjoyed at his friend’s generous act of kindness. As soon as he got in his new wheelchair, he started beaming. It is now much easier and less exhausting for him to get around.

Brandon, for one, understands that this new wheelchair will be an adjustment, but he’s eager to learn:

“It’s fantastic; I may have to knock on a few doors, but it’ll be worth it!”

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