How I was brought up

Everyone has a different story about their childhood. Some are pleasant and worthy memories; some are just painful to be remembered.
How one brings up a child even affects the individual to their adult age, and when they have kids, one of the reasons you should bring up a child is that when he/ she grows up, they won’t depart from it.
Upbringing speaks a lot about an individual. It tells the kind of home you come from and how your parents are. It is an ideal representation of your parents as they will only teach you what they know and think it is right.
I was brought up by the world’s best parents; I can never appreciate them less. They raised me to the best. They gave me everything I could ever ask.
I was brought up in the presence of a lovely and peaceful home. I knew the importance of family when my mates were still craving for candies. They taught me how to be tough in trying situations. I learned my self-confidence and high self-esteem from the best.
My parents made me see life from a different angle. It is not always by what one has; it is the value of what you have.
I have visited a family that can be together in the same house, but they are all busy with their smartphones. It seems to cause a distance in the family.
Well, that is not how I was brought up. I knew the importance of family and loves spending time with them instead of chatting with strangers online. I am so close to my family that I can’t eat any other place except my home. Mom’s food is always the best.
A child’s upbringing says a lot about them, train your child correctly.

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  • May 20, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    My mother didn’t like to yell, so she rang a bell.


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