I am happy to be me

I am happy to be me
If there was anything I thank God for each day of my life, it should be for creating me.
I have my scars, and stories, but that didn’t stop me from moving forward.
I am not the most beautiful person on earth, but that doesn’t stop me from thanking God for creating a beauty like me.
I was born with half of my face being tinted with spots, but I don’t feel less about myself.
I am not the holiest person on earth, but I know I am amazing.
I don’t have everything I ever wanted, or have the best cars or clothes; it doesn’t stop me from appreciating the little I have.
You might have seen people who looked like me, but I bet if you can meet anyone who have the type of my soul.
People say I am too full of myself, and can’t be far from proud, but I know I am not close to that.
Do you know high self-esteem is second to none? I know my worth, and what I ought to mind.
Some people call it being proud, but I always know better.
Always live your best life, don’t try to impress anyone. Live your life in ways your conscience deem best, I know it can’t lead you astray.
The worst thing that can happen to someone is living to impress people, and living by the opinion of the public.
No matter how you behave, or your lifestyle; people will always talk.
Be happy to be you; you might not be perfect, but always try to be real and honest. Do not try to impress anyone, be you.

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