I don’t socialize doesn’t mean I’m anti-social

Sometimes, those who don’t socialize much aren’t anti-social; they just have no tolerance for drama, stupidity, and fake people.
You don’t always have to judge people because of how they might appear to you, have you heard their stories, their past and what made them change, or do you believe that people don’t change.
When I was growing up I had two friends who were also friends. We were popular and no one dared mess with us. I wasn’t the leader of the group as I was the last to join.
The other two were closer and most times I feel left out in whatever they have together. Nevertheless I feel at home whenever I’m with them. They weren’t my best friend but they were my girls. We had each other’s back and always try to make out time for our girly issues.
They were my sisters and protector. I can remember in college when they dealt with a guy that broke my heart and made me feel pain. They weren’t scared of being beaten up by the guy, they were hurt because I was hurt, and that’s the length that can go for me.
Well, that is all the past as we all suddenly became distant from each other. Everyone always complained I was shutting them out of my life. I stopped telling them things about me and became the listening ear.
Why won’t I when all they could do most times is to remind me of how I am making a fool out of them by not telling them what’s going on in my life.
They never wanted to know why I changed, they focused on the change. I feel I made a mistake by letting anyone into life in the first place. There could have been less drama if I was anti-social.

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