I Love My Grandchildren

I can’t promise my
Grandchildren that I will
be here for the rest of their
lives, but I can promise
I will Love Them for the
Rest of Mine. Unknown

My Grandchildren
have taught me that You
have not lived until you have
discovered the essence of
time, You have no wisdom
before you teach them
all you know with care
and You have not loved
until you hold them close
to your heart.

are the dots that
connect the lines
from generation
to generation.”
– Lois Wyse

“A granddaughter
is God’s way of reaching
your heart with laughter,
blessing your life with
happiness, and filling your
world with love.”

“They say genes
skip generations.
Maybe that is why
grandparents find
their grandchildren
so likeable.” 
― Joan McIntosh

are precious gifts
given to parents
from their children.”
 ― Unknown

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