I Miss My Mother

I Miss My Mother.
The loss of your Mother
no matter how old you are
changes your life forever.
Your friend. You never really
get over the loss, but you
learn to live far away
from your thoughts
and she is always
in your heart.

Mother, You left us
beautiful memories,
your love is still our
guide, although we
cannot see you, you’re
always at our side.

“Whenever I am missing
you, I also remember how
fortunate I was that you
were in my life. I wouldn’t
trade those moments
for the world.”
-Cindy Adkins

“Mothers never really die,
they just keep the house up
in the sky, They polish the
sun by day and light the
stars that shine at night,
keep the moonbeams
silvery bright and in the
heavenly home above they
wait to welcome those they love.”
-Helen Steiner Rice

“Grief and love are conjoined,
you don’t get one without the
other. All I can do is love her,
and love the world, emulate
her by living with daring
and spirit and joy.”
-Jandy Nelson

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