I thank God for my life

I thank God for my life
People place value over different things; some people might chose wealth, happiness, fame as their priority.
I will go for life; I value life more than anything in the world. I might not have all the silver and gold in the world, but I will always thank God for another day.
Staying alive is the greatest gift I get to receive from one person. Humans might give you everything, but not life.
You might say life without wealth is void, but what about after acquiring all the wealth in this world and you can’t stay alive to enjoy it; it is all vanity.
Thank God for what you have and what is to come. You might be complaining about the little you have, and what others have.
You own a tricycle, and you are wishing for a car; what can you see about someone that’s on foot hoping that one day he will be able to ride a tricycle, or should I talk about the lame; that’s wishing that he could be given a chance to walk again.
Thank God for what you have, appreciate him. There’s someone out there wishing for what you have, be grateful.
I thank God for my life, for the stars, and the beautiful world I live in. I don’t have everything I want, but it doesn’t stop me from thanking God.
I know he has better plans for me, and anything he doesn’t let me have will surely ruin me. God’s plans are always the best, and for our good.

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