If you feel like you are losing everything

If you feel like you
are losing everything, remember
trees lose their leaves every year,
and they still stand tall and wait
for better days to come. -unknown

This quote has an important life lesson for everyone to understand the essence of bad moments and waiting periods. Life is actually not a bed of roses. That being said, any rationally thinking man shouldn’t expect life’s good tidings always. Sometimes it blossoms and other times it shrivels. There are always two sides to events and happenings in life. This is why it is mostly likened to a chiaroscuro, where a face is well lit and other is in a shadow. Sometimes it can appear that you are winning and other times things change and it might feel exactly like a horrendous landslide on your weary feet. You are not alone. This happens to everyone. The most important thing however is to know how exactly to handle the good and bad moments of life. Appreciate the good times and discern the lesson of the bad moment. Usually, the bad times are supposed to be a point of reflection, a waiting time before you experience a wholesome positive shift in your situation. When trees lose their leaves, it is usually a time to prepare for regeneration. Same way, the odd times you experience are meant to prepare you for the good times ahead. It is not a time to buckle in but buckle up. If the trees give in while it withers it leaves, it will likely not regenerate itself. However because this is not the case, it usually experience its green again. This is simply an important lesson for everyone to keep the work during the tough times. Good times usually follows through.

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