‘I’m a single father with no children. It’s quite difficult.’ ‘I don’t know how to thank you,’ he says quietly. When I went to my car, my eyes welled up with tears.’ A woman performs a random act of kindness for a single father suffering.


That’s how much the cash register at the grocery shop said at 10:00 p.m. that night.

I stood there watching as the man in front of me asked the cashier to set something aside. Time and time again.

He continued to swipe his card. Declined.

He was already purchasing the bare essentials.

He was accompanied by a girl and a boy, and I overheard them calling him ‘Dad’ multiple times.

The female was in her early adolescence, and the child was roughly my son’s age. Their faces were flushed with embarrassment, which I could see.

It had been a week or two after Thanksgiving, and I was curious as to what they had eaten for the occasion, which had been so centered on food.

Tuna cans, pasta boxes, bananas, and apples were placed under the counter by the cashier.

I was curious if he was a single father. I was suspicious because he didn’t have a ring on his finger.

Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

It felt like a soft slap across the back of my neck and a mild electric shock to my heart.

These groceries must be paid for.

It makes no difference if you don’t have the funds…

I’ll take care of everything. You can rely on me.

I could hear God.

I began to open my mouth…

But what if I further disgrace his family?

That little voice rang out once more.

Another push. This time I’m more powerful.

As heat flooded my face, I exclaimed loudly, ‘I’ve got it.’

The store was deserted, and we were the only ones in line, so I stood there watching this man slowly turn, his mouth gaping open.

I shifted my gaze to the teller.

‘I’d appreciate it if you could return everything.’ ‘I’m going to take care of everything.’

‘Are you certain you want to do this?’ with disbelief in her voice, the cashier remarked.

I looked at the girl and the boy while nodding. They had saucer-shaped eyes.

‘Indeed.’ I’ll swipe my card right now.’

I examine my father. Currently, he is sobbing.

He’s being hugged by his daughter.

After that, I pay for my items. I’m hoping that God will provide protection (He did).

At the end of the lane, Dad is waiting. His adorable children are still crying and hugging him.

‘I’m not sure how to thank you,’ he says quietly.

‘It’s OK. I wanted to lend a hand. I’m certain it’s what God instructed me to do. ‘And I’ve been there,’ I said softly.

‘I’m a single father with no children. ‘It’s challenging,’ he admitted.

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. His kid and daughter wanted to hug me as well.

When I went to my car, my eyes welled up with tears.

I prayed and thanked God for enabling me to be of assistance. I prayed to God for more obedience opportunities and showed the world His unfailing grace.

Let’s fast forward to the 23rd of February.

My family and I were seated in church, and our Pastor was getting ready to preach. We had just ended worship time.

My stomach plummets to the ground as I gaze to my left. Then my heart starts to beat faster.

The same father and his two children sat at the end of our pew.

They were the only other individuals in our row, and they were right there.

Slowly, I turn to face my spouse.

I whisper into his ear, ‘That’s them.’ ‘Do you recall the Dad and his kids from the grocery shop that night?’

I start crying. Goosebumps have appeared on my skin.

I never said that I was a Christian to him. I never even mentioned where I attended church to him.

I followed God’s instructions.

He was also the one who brought this father and his family to my church on that Sunday.

It has nothing to do with me.

Great things have been accomplished by the Lord God Almighty.”

Courtesy of Sara F.

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