I’m Blessed

When you have
a place to go at
the end of the day,
That’s home.When
you have people to love,
That’s family. When
you have both, That’s
A Blessing.

“More smiling,
less worrying.
More compassion,
less judgment.
More blessed,
less stressed.
More love, less hate.”
-Roy T. Bennett

“Blessed is he who
has learned to admire
but not envy, to follow
but not imitate, to praise
but not flatter, and
to lead but not manipulate.”
-William Arthur Ward

“Those blessings
are sweetest that are
won with prayer and
worn with thanks.”
― Thomas Goodwin

“Blessed are they
who see beautiful
things in humble places
where other people
see nothing.”
― Camille Pissarro

“When you focus
on being a blessing,
God makes sure that
you are always blessed
in abundance.” -Joel Osteen

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