I’m Terribly Sorry

“I am terribly sorry
if you don’t like my
harsh honesty. But
I don’t like your
sugar-coated bullshit
either.”. ~Unknown

Sometimes you
don’t need to hear
their excuses or what
they have to say for
themselves because
their actions already
spoke the truth.

Sometimes We
Expect Too Much
From Others,
Because We Would
Be Willing To Do That
Much For Them.
~Novneet lall

When you are
important to another .
person, that person
will always find a way
to make time for you,
no excuses, no lies,
no broken promises. 

People make time
for who they want to
make time for. People text,
call and reply to people they
want to talk to. Never believe
anyone who says they’re too
busy. If they wanted to be
around you, they would.

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