In 1965, Paul Harvey’s Warning Was Broadcast — It’s Sadly Come True

You may be familiar with Paul Harvey’s 1965 cautions. All of the warnings have now come to pass. American journalist Harvey, who had his radio program, was well-known.

He warned thousands of listeners every day, and they were all interested in what he would say. His radio career was both lengthy and fruitful.

Someone believed he was speaking to attract attention, yet his predictions came to pass. It all began when he uttered “If I were the devil” during a radio interview. He discussed a variety of contemporary issues and events.

He implied in his remark that he would not be content if he had not managed to grab the ripest apple from the tree. “If I were the devil, I would seize power in America.”

He declared he would run a vigorous effort to convince people there was no God. By keeping the youth away from employment, marriage, and religion, he would impact them.

Televisions would be overrun with embarrassing movies. Some people will want more significant compensation for less work.

He claimed that not even preachers would welcome him. Harvey demonstrated how psychology would dismantle families and supplant religion.

His essay gained a lot of global acclaims. He foresaw what would transpire in the globe a few years from now.

It would encourage intelligence in classrooms but take away from the experience of life. The consumption of alcohol would become a way of life.

He believed that religion would be worthless and that this

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