Is anyone afraid of losing you?

Is anyone afraid of losing you?
I have always been afraid of losing people I love, but sometimes I keep asking myself, Is there anyone afraid of losing me too?
Most times, love can be one-sided, and it pretty hurts much. We often seem to love and care for people who won’t even notice our absence for days.
I have been neglected in many cases of my life, I feel so used to it, and I know that anyone I love can never be mine.
In high school, I thought I had a best friend and someone I could call a sister and a shoulder. Though I always had a mood change when I was around her, I thought she was naturally bitter and sassy; at least she was the only one who speaks to me in school.
There was a particular day the teacher asked everyone in the class to write a composition about their best friend. I looked at her, and she was pretty smiling as she writes; I knew it was about me.
I wrote more than five hundred words about her. I liked her and knew everything about her.
The teacher asked some few students to read theirs; my best friend was selected among those to read there’s. I was smiling and waiting for her turn so I could her speaking of me.
I was shocked when she started reading hers; I was never in her story. I guess I have been deceiving myself all these while thinking I had a best friend and someone who cares and scared of losing me.
It taught me a lot, never to place myself high in people’s lives because no cares.

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