It Always Hurts

It always hurts
Do you ever get waves of missing someone? Like you will go for a while and be okay, and then suddenly, your heart hurts.
It always hurts more than a migraine. When someone is always on your mind, and you can’t get to touch them or even see them.
It has been two months since you left, and I feel so empty and void. I never wished for a day like this; when I could look for you in this city and won’t find you or when I am looking for a movie date and I have to go alone.
It has been lonely without you by my side.
I thought I would be able to live without you. I wanted to deny that I won’t be affected by your absence; each day of my life since you left has been spent trying to get you out of my mind, but it seems not to be working.
We ended on a terrible note. I let you live without trying to hear your part of the story. I thought you were just like others who never truly loved me.
I should have known it was a setup and trusted you. No matter how I try to move on, your smiles and the wonderful times keep coming back.
If there is anything I ever wished of any time, I see a wishing star, see you again, and have you as mine.
My hurt has been hurting without you; I miss you so much.

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