‘IT’S A BOY!’ exclaims the speaker. The Reaction of a Mother of Six Girls To The Birth Of A Surprise Baby Boy Will Warm Your Heart

Jon and Danielle Murray have six daughters, ranging in age from 9 to 2, who they have welcomed into their family throughout the last decade.

The Murrays, on the other hand, were taken aback when they discovered their seventh child was a boy after the birth of their child earlier this month.

Danielle Murray, who gave birth to her seventh daughter on August 13th at her Raleigh, North Carolina home, says she and Jon had hoped for a son but were equally excited about the prospect of having a seventh girl.

“I think I actually leaned more into the contentment and concept of having another girl to the point that I was expecting a girl,” Danielle told Love What Matters toward the conclusion of her pregnancy.

Danielle takes the baby from Jon in a video that captures the moment their son, Israel Jonathan, was born and basks in the relief of having just delivered a new life into the world.

Mom of 6 girls holds her newborn son and cries tears of joy and relief after giving birth to him at home
Courtesy of Jon and Danielle Murray

“I felt a little disconnected and unreal the entire pregnancy,” Danielle explained. “So my initial reaction was to fall in love with my child.” In an instance, I moved from being unconnected to completely smitten.”

When Danielle realizes her daughters have gotten a little brother, she examines her newborn baby and exclaims, “It’s a boy!”

“I fell in love all over again when I realised he was a boy,” Danielle added. “I wasn’t surprised or shocked at all. It was pure gratitude, to be honest. We had hoped for a son, and he had arrived.”

Jon Murray says he’s been grateful for the advice he’s received from friends who have boys of their own in the weeks since Israel’s birth.

Dad to 6 girls holds his newborn son after his wife gave birth to him at home via a natural water birth
Courtesy of Jon and Danielle Murray

“When you’ve been changing girl diapers for the last ten years, changing a boy is a shock,” Jon joked. “Like, what am I supposed to do with this?” Fortunately, I have some experienced boy parents who have provided me with some excellent advice on avoiding being peed on. It takes a village to raise a child.”

While having seven children wasn’t always the idea, Danielle says she and Jon realized early on in their marriage that each child brought more love into the home.

Newborn baby boy with a head full of dark hair in tan onesie smiles big in his sleep
Courtesy of Jon and Danielle Murray

“There’s something truly precious about a busy dinner table, our family traditions, and knowing that as kids grow, they’ll come home with their own families and our home will always be full with life and love,” she explained.

While the Murrays do not intend to have any biological children, they want to extend their family through adoption or foster care.

For the time being, Danielle says she’s focusing on enjoying her postpartum recovery and watching Tyler, 9, Elena, 8, Judea, 7, Adeline, 5, Everly, 4, and Merryn, 2, bond with their brother.

“The girls are utterly enamoured,” Danielle remarked. “He is already such a special part of our family. Our oldest has been wishing for a sibling for at least five years, so I know he will be adored.”

Mom to seven holds her newborn sons while her six daughters look at him with love and admiration
Courtesy of Jon and Danielle Murray


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