‘It’s official: you’re expecting quadruplets.’ We finally realized why we had to wait so long for our miracles.’ ‘He looked like he was going to swoon,’ says a couple who has been trying to conceive for four years.

“He was 19 at the time, and I was 20.” He had a crush on me right away (what can I say? ), but it took me a little longer to see him as more than a buddy. Every Friday, we attended our church’s youth group, and he would always find a way to talk to me and draw attention to himself. He was a nice guy; I could tell he loved God, he was respectful, and his grin was always charming (still one of my favorite things about him). It wasn’t long before I noticed he was constantly complimenting me on how attractive I was. He made me feel exceptional, and we gradually began to converse more and more until he invited me out for coffee. We talked for three hours straight, and I began to feel something special for him after that. We started dating a few months later, and I fell head over heels in love with him. I’m pleased to say that he was my first love and that I was his. We dated for three years before marrying in 2011 at a stunning location in Mexico.

We had always dreamed of having a large family, but we had other plans for our marriage, so we chose to wait a few years before starting a family. We’ve always been planners, Isaac and I. We prefer to keep track of our priorities systematically. As a result, we realized many of our dreams together, including having the wedding of our dreams, purchasing a condominium, completing school, traveling, and so on. We felt incredibly fortunate to do all we wanted because God had been so wonderful to us. We didn’t experience severe issues until the end of 2015 when we started talking about having children. We thought it was the ideal time, but we hadn’t considered the voyage ahead of us.

PCOS (ovarian cysts) has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old, and I’ve always taken medicine to keep it under control. I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN to inform her that I was no longer on birth control pills. She requested a battery of lab tests to determine my hormone levels and overall wellness. Because my hormone levels were a little out of whack, I had to wait a few months before starting treatment. She advised taking oral therapy to help my body ovulate and become pregnant once my body was ready. I went through the treatment for three months and saw no results. She informed me there was nothing else she could do for me and that I needed to see a fertility specialist. Hearing that news wasn’t easy, but we knew God had big things for us; all we had to do was trust him.

When we eventually went to a fertility center, it was already the end of 2016. We found a fantastic doctor who recommended more lab work. He discovered additional items that I was unaware of. Women who have been through this can relate to how I felt when I received more horrible news. The only way to clear my fallopian tubes was to have surgery. We prayed for a couple of months, believing in God’s will, but I couldn’t undergo the operation right away because I couldn’t take time off work. When the day of the procedure arrived, there was more bad news. The doctor discovered stage one endometriosis, and the blockage had destroyed my fallopian tubes. He advised that I rest for a few months before attempting IUI or IVF. He couldn’t promise a successful pregnancy, but he said it was worth a shot.

In August of 2016, my body was ready for the first IUI. We had great expectations and couldn’t suppress our joy at the prospect of becoming parents after such a long time. We focused our full attention on the IUI, believing that it would finally happen for us. I was not pregnant, according to the results. I was miserable. I had several very trying days during which I believed it would be nearly impossible for me to conceive. Isaac, like the wonderful husband he is, was always incredibly supportive. He only had good thoughts, and he was the one who constantly pushed me to believe that our miracle would arrive soon.

I resolved to trust God as I had never trusted Him before; my faith grew more substantial, and I realized what He might accomplish in our lives if we believed in His promises. The second round of IUI took place in September 2017, and we were at ease knowing that we would have to wait patiently this time. I started feeling strange just a few days after the second round of IUI. I didn’t want to confirm it because women know their bodies, but I was almost sure I was pregnant. Waiting for a pregnancy test took a lot of patience on my part, but I finally got one at the drugstore, and there it was, my positive. I was at a loss for words. I’d seen so many negative pregnancy tests in the past that seeing the positive in this one was nearly hard. Later that day, I surprised Isaac, and we thanked the Lord.

After a few weeks, the first ultrasound was scheduled. He was unable to accompany me because he was at work. I went to my doctor’s appointment and discovered I was expecting twins! When the doctor told me I was expecting twins, I was overjoyed. I got out of the doctor’s office and dialed Isaac’s number. He, too, was ecstatic! After a few more weeks, I underwent my second ultrasound, this time with Isaac by my side. When the doctor performs the ultrasound, he notices not two but three sacs, with a probable fourth. ‘Triplets, you’re having triplets!’ he exclaims. ‘The fourth sac will certainly go since I didn’t hear a heartbeat,’ he adds. We didn’t know what to say, but we were glad to be gone.

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‘It’s verified, you’re having quadruplets,’ he announces after the third ultrasound when he hears four strong heartbeats. We just sat quietly this time, and the nurse asked Isaac if he wanted to sit down because he appeared to be about to pass out. This time, the doctor was not remarkably upbeat because he had to inform us all about the risks of having quadruplets. I was at a loss for words and thought. We were sad and happy as we left the doctor’s office, but we were also perplexed. We eventually resolved to pray and trust God’s will for our life. He had chosen this pregnancy for us and understood what was best for us. We decided to seek out another physician and found the greatest. I was overjoyed, and I resolved to enjoy my pregnancy, knowing that the best was still to come.

Courtesy Marcela Morales

It was a dream come true for me during my pregnancy! I was constantly in such high spirits; I just had a few migraines, heartburn, and threw up a couple of times. Nothing went wrong during my pregnancy – no hospital visits, no bleeding, no bedrest (common in multiple pregnancies), no gestational diabetes – NOTHING! With my four miracles, I had a blast being pregnant (I did gain a lot of weight towards the end, which was not fun, but it was so worth it because my babies were born with really amazing weights). Week after week, I heard nothing but positive feedback on how well my babies and I were doing. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced was feeling all four kick inside me (sometimes a little painful, haha). During week 34, I intended to deliver the quads through C-section. I made it through that week without incident, and the quads arrived in June 2018.

I was scared but delighted to meet their adorable faces on the day of my C-section. People frightened me about the operating room, anesthesia, and so on. But the only thing that mattered to me was meeting my babies. I was astonished that the quads were born in less than 30 minutes with no difficulties (except that my blood pressure went up for a few minutes, which they could control). That was not enjoyable; I had a severe headache as a result). Following that, I was able to pay a visit to my babies in the NICU.

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Doctors were astounded by their weights and that they didn’t require oxygen or anything else. They were in the NICU for a week before we got to take them home, which is unusual for quadruplets. We’ve only had them at home for a few weeks, but we already can’t fathom our lives without them. We now understand why we had to wait so long to receive our miracles because each of them is so significant to us. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been chosen to be parents of multiples since God recognized something in us that allowed us to raise four beautiful children simultaneously. We haven’t gotten much sleep, but no one can take away our delight in raising our four children. We’re excited to see what’s in store for us. We know that parenting quads will be a lot of fun. We want to give hope to other couples dealing with infertility because we know how it feels. We believe in a God of miracles who knows precisely when to intervene in everyone’s life.”

Courtesy Marcela Morales

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