Jimmy Carter is almost 100 and where He lives today has me in tears.

Modesty is a quality that few people possess. Except if you’ve lived in luxury, it’s quite difficult. This isn’t entirely true for Jimmy Carter, the United States’ oldest living president.

Since leaving the White House and handing the president to Ronald Reagan, he has lived in Georgia with his wife.

According to Zillow, his house, completed in 1961, is valued at roughly 200,000 dollars. He never took advantage of his fame, popularity, or power, even though he was the most powerful human at the time.

He has a very simple lifestyle and shops at the Dollar General. In 14 nations, he has refurbished over 4,300 homes.

Their 75th wedding anniversary will be celebrated. We wish him and his family the best of luck in their future endeavors.

They are the longest-married presidential pair in history. So, how do the two of them make it through 75 years of marriage?

We’re getting closer and closer every day. We never go to bed upset, and we have various interests in common. We appreciate the little pleasures in life. We are considerate of one other’s personal space. We’re always seeking new things to do as a family. I adore her even more than before. Jimmy says, “I’ve been quite happy.”

We wish them all the best on their special day!

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