Let’s Send Some Love

So many suffer alone.
Let’s send love today
to every person who is
battling depression.

Dear God, please strengthen
our hearts, and remind us to
encourage one another when the
troubles of life start to overwhelm
us. Please guard our hearts from
depression. Give us the strength
up to rise up each day and fight
against the struggles which seek
to weigh us down. Amen.”John Barnett

Dear God,
When I feel crushed by my own
worries, Lift my mind and help
me to see the truth. When fear
grips me tight and I feel I cannot
move, Free my heart and help me
to take things one step at a time.
When I can’t express the turmoil
inside, Calm me with Your quiet
words of love. I choose to trust
in You, each day, each hour, each
moment of my life. I know deep
down that I in Your grace, forgiven,
restored by Your sacrifice, You
have set me free.
Amen. Unknown

Creator God, you made me and
you love me. My circumstances
do not define me, my identity is as
your child. Your word says that,
although people plan their course in
their hearts, it is you who establishes
our steps. Whatever I do today, you
r loving eye is on me and you have
promised to guide me.  I can do
nothing without you giving me the
strength to do it. The desires of my
heart can only be satisfied in you.
Guide my steps, Lord, to follow you.
Amen. Unknown

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