Little Girls Who Are ‘Bossy’ Grow Up To Be Assertive Women Who Change The World

“‘Emotional’ little girls grow up to be women who push others to be better, to perform better, to exhibit empathy, and to feel strong emotions.” They love unreservedly and passionately. There is never any doubt about where they stand or how they feel; a mere glance in their way is enough to reveal their feelings. They have a great feeling of compassion and understanding for the people and things around them. In the face of injustice, they become vocal.

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‘Tough’ little girls grow up to be stubborn women who never give up on their ideals. They hear ‘It can’t be done,’ and respond with their standard ‘Yes, it can.’ Their emotions are furious, and their mouths are full of strong opinions. They are game-changers, trailblazers, and pathfinders.

Little ‘bossy’ girls grow up to be assertive women who challenge the world to change and won’t stop until it does. They are at the forefront of change, paving the way for others. They are CEOs and leaders who run businesses, households, and organisations.

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Little girls who are a little sassy grow up to be bold, ambitious women. In the face of intimidation, they assert themselves. They are self-assured in themselves, their aspirations, and everything else. They defy the odds, the norm, and adversity again and time again. They are true to themselves, even when it is difficult to do so.

‘Wild’ little girls grow up to be risk-taking women. They have an unparalleled enthusiasm for life. They are free in a way that most people aspire to but never achieve. They are unapologetically themselves, fearless, fierce, and untamed.

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These passionate, demanding, bossy, sassy, crazy little girls strain our limits, our patience, and every button we have, then circle and start over. They keep pushing and pushing. However, it is via this tenacity that they can challenge the status quo, overcome bias, and avoid confrontation.

They leave you fatigued to the core while also astonishment at how such a small body can carry so much power. You’re both frustrated by their obstinacy and astonished by their power. They make you throb with pride as you see them develop into powerful women, because, let’s face it, they were never ones to play small.

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They have the power to forge their paths because of the very features that society instructs them to hide. It gives individuals the ability to affect change in others, in the storey, and society. It’s what makes them who they’ve always been supposed to be.

So make them difficult. Allow them to be self-assured. Allow them to be brave and a little rambunctious. Strong tiny girls mature into strong women. Little girls who are bold grow up to be brave ladies. Magnificent little girls grow up to be incredible women who change the world.”

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