Man Sends Selfie During Walk – When His Wife Sees It She Immediately Calls The Police

Man Shares Photo During Hike – When He Returns Home, He Sees What He Captured

This dude went on a desert trip and snapped a photo in front of a massive rock! He’d get the scare of his life not long after.

He’d be on the news all around the country later!


Dirk (53) enjoyed putting himself in difficult situations and surviving in the wild. His new goal was to spend a week in eastern Colorado’s the Sonoran Desert. When he went on one of these escapades, his wife would always hold her breath.

She believed it was far too risky, especially since he was alone. It was impossible to predict what would happen. But that was a part of it for Dirk. Survival wasn’t all that remarkable until you had to do it. You didn’t obtain the fulfillment since you didn’t feel the need!

As a result, he spent a week alone in the desert. It’s just him and the wild. However, he would learn that he was not as alone as he had assumed!

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Dirk only had a few items with him when he arrived in the desert: water, a tent, a knife, his survival kit, and the clothing on his back.

He parked his car and prepared to go into nature once he arrived in the desert. He gathered the items he would need and placed them in his backpack. Then he made the decision to leave his phone at home. He was going to have to fend for himself if he didn’t have his phone. To capture his travels, he just brought a disposable camera.

He remembered his wife’s criticism as he slid his phone into the glove compartment. She would kill him if she knew!

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Source: Survival Guide

Dirk embarked on a journey into the desert. He only had around two hours before sunset to find a suitable location for his tent. “Do not enter the desert alone!” and “Beware of the heat!” were among the signs that surrounded him.

Dirk simply ignored the warnings. The signs came to an end after a few kilometers, and he was entirely alone in the middle of nowhere. He noticed a large rock that would be ideal for setting up his tent; it wasn’t in the open air, so the wind wouldn’t blow it away.

Dirk pitched his tent and built a small fire because it was only a few minutes before sunset.

Then he suddenly became aware of something!

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As he looked at the modest stone formation in front of him, he thought to himself, “The rock is beautiful.” Before it became dark, he had to snap a quick photo of it.

He retrieved a stick and a rope from his luggage. He attached his camera to it and snapped a photo. As the evening progressed, Dirk made the decision to retire early.

He’d need all of his strength the next day. Listening to the nocturnal noises of nature, he fell asleep like a baby.

He slept soundly, but in the middle of the night, he was startled awake by a frightening noise!

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He awoke to the sound of something distant. It was a peculiar screaming sound, almost human-like. It became increasingly noisy.

His survival expedition had suddenly become less enjoyable. He contemplated going outside to investigate. Despite this, he chose to remain in his sleeping bag in the hopes that the noise would fade away shortly.

The sound reappeared at that point, and it was now very close. He paid close attention and realized it was a human voice. He snatched up his knife and crept deeper into his sleeping bag.

He suddenly heard a motorcycle in the distance!

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The sound of a rumbling automobile engine grew louder and louder. He resolved to examine the situation with caution. Dirk slid open his tent cautiously and took a glance around. All he saw was blackness. He then opted to continue viewing from atop a rock.

Dirk swiftly snatched up his torch and ascended the ledge. Because it was completely black, he walked slowly and deliberately. He had to take a few steps up to get a better view of the other side. When he reached the crest, he stiffened as he gazed over the cliff.

He noticed two headlights approaching him at a high rate!

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His flashlight was promptly switched off. He felt a quivering sense of panic wash over him; had they noticed him? In this no-land, man’s who could that be?!

Dirk hid behind a cliff that climbed directly over the mountain’s peak. He peered over the corner and noticed a car approaching. The automobile came to a halt about 200 meters before the rock. Outside, it gradually became lighter and lighter. And two men with torches emerged!

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They moved around the back of the truck to the trunk and opened it. One of them took a large item from his bag and placed it on the ground. It appeared to be a box.

They walked towards the rock after putting the box down. They came to a complete stop approximately 100 meters in front of Dirk. Dirk then observed that one of the two men was armed.

They abruptly pointed their flashlight in Dirk’s direction! “HEY, SHOW YOURSELF!” exclaimed one of the males.

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Source: New York Times

Dirk hurriedly ducked behind the jutting rock, hoping that they wouldn’t notice him. Waiting for what was going to happen, every minute began to feel like an hour.

His wife was absolutely correct. Why would he walk into the desert without bringing his phone? He couldn’t wait to hug her once more and tell her she was correct. Dirk gradually became agitated. The men repeated themselves and became even more enraged “HELLO!!! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?”

It was just a matter of time before they discovered Dirk’s tent, he realized. He heard a third voice just as he was starting down the stairs!


The voice came from behind him on the mountain. However, not from the ground level. From afar. The third voice cried back, “I’ve heard them!”

They said “sure, sir,” climbed into the car, and drove away. Dirk emerged from behind the boulder and peered over the edge once more. The automobile has vanished!

He took a look around. The seas appeared to be calm. He rapidly descended the mountain and returned to his camp. He packed his belongings and fled!

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Dirk had a difficult time retracing his steps, but his trusty compass guided him in the proper direction. He located his vehicle and returned home. He strolled into his house and went right to his wife when he arrived. Dirk hugged her and pledged that he would never embark on another survival journey alone.

Dirk was still wondering about what had happened in the desert a few days later. He couldn’t seem to get rid of it. His wife appeared out of nowhere. She had his throwaway camera photo developed.

Dirk was ecstatic to get his hands on them and began looking through them right once. He froze as he saw the picture in front of the rock and murmured,

“Call the cops right now, honey!”


A cave can be seen in the shot Dirk made of himself in front of the rock. Dirk noticed a faint light emerging from it as he peered attentively. It appeared to be a safe haven.

He handed it over to the cops and became a hero two days later when they apprehended fugitive drug lord Con Madraz, who had escaped from prison two months before. All due to the photo’s hints.

There was also a,000 incentive for the golden tip-off, which made it even better for Dirk. Dirk was a hero and a very wealthy one at that! It was even stated in the news:

“An unnamed hero apprehends a drug lord!”

Source: Ricks Hiking Blog

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