Material Things Mean Nothing

One day you will realize
that material things mean
nothing. All that matters
is the wellI being of the
people in your life.

You can’t substitute material
things for love or for gentleness
or for tenderness or for a sense
of comradeship. Money is not a
substitute for tenderness, and
power is not a substitute
for tenderness.
-Mitch Albom

Leaders don’t define
wealth by material things
they see. They define wealth
by the visions they imagine
and actions they take.
-Israelmore Ayivor

If money and material
things become the center
of our lives, they seize us
and make us slaves.
-Pope Francis

Any so-called material
thing that you want is
merely a symbol: you
want it not for itself,
but because it will
content your spirit for
the moment.
-Mark Twain

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