Michael Rapaport captures an alleged shoplifter brazenly robbing a Rite Aid in New York City.

Michael Rapaport, a New York actor and comedian, was outraged in a social media picture on Tuesday that showed an alleged shoplifter brazenly walking out of a Manhattan Rite Aid.

Over the footage, the “I Am Rapaport” podcaster can be heard stating, “I can’t believe I’m witnessing this s—t.”

“This f—king guy just filled his two bags with everything in Rite Aid and is going down the street like s–t is Gucci, right here on 80th [Street] and First Avenue.” I was keeping a close eye on him the entire time.”

As he walks past a security guard and out onto the street, the alleged thief carries bags.

“They’re staring me down like, ‘What’s good?'” Rapaport claims. “In January, my husband went Christmas shopping. He was armed with condoms and shampoo.”

Actor Michael Rapaport visits the SiriusXM Studios.
Michael Rapaport filmed what he described as a shoplifting incident in a Manhattan Rite Aid.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

In a description accompanying the video, the actor reiterated the Christmas shopping remark and tagged Mayor Eric Adams’ account, which garnered over 132,000 views by Tuesday night.

Rapaport tweeted, “Duke just went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at @riteaid.” “I’m TRIPPING this happened in broad daylight like it wasn’t even a big deal.”

Footage shows an alleged shoplifter leaving the store.
Rapaport’s video depicts a man carrying bags as he strolls through the store before walking out onto the street.
Michael Rapaport/Twitter

The store will close on February 15 “as a result of this,” the actor stated in the caption, “leaving workers JOBLESS.”

He ended with, “@ericadamsfornyc YO.”

“Dude looked up at Security and asked… ‘Sup?'” commented one of the many commenters, Mario Lopez of “Saved by the Bell.”

According to an NYPD official, as of Tuesday night, no report for the event had been filed. A spokeswoman for Rite Aid did not immediately respond to an email from The Washington Post.

Michael Rapaport performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club
Rapaport tagged Eric Adams in the video he posted on social media.
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The video is the latest to circulate on social media, showing alleged shoplifters committing audacious robberies at retail and grocery stores, which critics attribute to lenient prosecutions that have inspired people to commit low-level crimes.

According to the National Retail Federation, reported shop losses are rising, with $719,458 in losses per $1 billion in sales expected in 2020.

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