Mind your business

Mind your business
We often seem to pock nose into peoples’ affairs and private life regardless of their say.
Many at times, we often judge people and praise ourselves for not being like them.
In the bible, we know how God condemned a Pharisee. Who stood at one corner mentioning all his good deeds and thanking God for not being like the tax collector beside him, while the tax collector acknowledged his unworthiness and thanked God for his mercies.
Some people might be like the Pharisee, who only takes time to judge others’ deeds and praise themselves. They won’t bother to remove the big plank in their eyes before trying to remove a speck of dust in someone else’s eyes.
We should stop comparing our lives with others, especially when it comes to holiness and righteousness. We often seem to see others as sinners while we are worthy and clean.
I have seen people condemn others to death or hellfire because of how they are dressing, tagging them children of the world who will never see God.
We should mind our own business. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t correct others or fold our hands when they are trailing the wrong way.
It merely means we should stop the act of comparison and condemnation. God knows and sees all things. He didn’t ask for your help in identifying and condemning sinners for him. No one knows what will even happen on the judgment day. You might be the one that might lose your soul.
Work on yourself and ways you can be a better person, instead of identifying sins and faults.

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