Missing 4-year-old found dead inside his toy chest after climbing inside in the night – rest in peace

Authorities have verified that 4-year-old Kache Wallis died of asphyxiation after being found dead in his house.

After being put to bed the night before, the young child from Hurricane, Utah, vanished and was reported missing.

Kache was sadly discovered dead inside a bit of a toy box in his bedroom after a frantic search by police and neighborhood volunteers.

According to new reports, the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office reviewed the 4-year-death old’s and ruled that “positional asphyxiation” was the official cause of death.

When Kache’s grandmother awoke to find the boy missing from his bed, she contacted the authorities. Officers arrived and searched his home but were unable to locate him.

As a result, a missing person alert was issued, and the local community came out in force to look for him.

The boy’s body was discovered in a small toy chest within his bedroom during a second search of his residence. Family members were interrogated, and the medical examiner was involved.

Unfortunately, Kache climbed into the chest and perished from asphyxiation. His death was declared an accident.

“Our heartfelt condolences are given to Kache and his family,” the City of Hurricane Police Department said.

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