Mom defends her five and 6yo sons’ public breastfeeding, saying, “It’s their choice.”

Breastfeeding a child is an excellent way for a mother to bond with her child. However, there has always been debate regarding when a child should be weaned off breastmilk.

This mother of two believes that the youngster should decide to stop.

Sheryl Wynne, a West Yorkshire resident, is a proponent of breastfeeding children past the socially appropriate age. She still breastfeeds both of her school-aged sons.

After consulting with her children, the 39-year-old mother of two decided when to wean them off breastmilk.

She had planned to quit breastfeeding her older son Riley when he was three years old. Riley expressed his desire to breastfeed till he was eleven years old when she told him about her plans and asked for his opinion.

She initially refused, telling the toddler that “there’s no way.”

Wynne would not have it any other way now. She claims it is a technique for calming her children, who come to her first when distressed.

She believes that breastfeeding her children is perfectly natural even though they are 5 and 6 years old and long past the toddler stage. She believes that the deed has brought her closer to her children.

“Even when they aren’t breastfeeding, they want to be with me and snuggle with me,” she said.

Strangers on the internet, Wynne said, were considerably more welcoming of her breastfeeding her children than her own family. Family and acquaintances reported her sons were acting strangely due to it.

“People think they’re experts in other people’s children,” Wynne responded, “but I’m not doing it blindly, even though I’m following my instincts in many ways.”

She also admits that she sometimes instructs her children to “get off” if she doesn’t feel like feeding them. However, she always keeps their feelings and ideas in mind when making a decision.

She claims to have breastfed her children multiple times in public. She breastfed them in public places such as school playgrounds. She admitted to feeling scared throughout these instances, but she didn’t want her children to feel the same way, so she dug deep and conquered her fears.

Because of her bad experience with her older son Riley’s delivery, she insisted on breastfeeding both of her sons. She had thoughts of guilt since she was unable to nurse him properly. So when Riley’s younger brother, Mylo, was born, she decided to attempt breastfeeding Riley again.

Wynne is now attempting to establish a new trend in which women should be permitted to determine their schedules for weaning their children. This will make them feel more connected to their children.

People have tried to bring Wynne down several times, but she refuses to be deterred. She is adamant about creating her timeline with her sons’ input.

What are your thoughts on Wynne’s choice to breastfeed her children until they are ten years old?

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