Mom gets furious after her son’s school lunch is thrown out because it is unhealthy.

When it comes to our children, we do everything we can to instil a healthy eating habit in them from a young age. However, one Canadian mother claimed that her little son’s school went too far when they deemed his home-brought lunch harmful and tossed it out.

Durham Catholic District School initiated a healthy eating initiative and exclusively served healthy food to the students. Parents were invited to embrace the initiative and be mindful of what they put in their children’s lunch boxes.

As a result, one mother packed a slice of banana bread for her son, which he enjoyed. The teacher, to her surprise, though the choice was harmful because it had chocolate chips, so she simply took it and hurled it in front of everyone. The distressed four-year-old youngster had grapes for lunch that day because it was all he had after his food was taken away from him.

Elaina Daoust, his mother, was enraged that her kid had to go through such a traumatic ordeal.

“He brought home a chart (with healthy food alternatives) and told me that he and the instructor had discussed it and good choices. She also sent me a note. Elaina told The Star, “I was very, really, really mad for various reasons.”

Goldfish crackers, juice boxes, granola bars, chocolate milk, string cheese, and fruit snacks were among the good at the staff prohibited from consuming within the school.

Elaina’s son wasn’t the only one who didn’t get his lunch, as roughly 30 other parents stated their children had the same experience.

However, the school thinks they have every right to seize the children’s bad food because healthy eating is now part of the school curriculum, and students must be able to discriminate between what is and is not healthy.

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