Mom mourns 3 “beautiful little souls” after her husband drowns them to ‘hurt her the most’ – rest in peace

After her husband killed their three children because he knew it would “hurt” her “the most,” a devastated Chicago woman has talked of her anguish.

“He took them away from me because he knew it would hurt me the most,” Debra Karels, who is trying to come to grips with the unspeakable loss, said.

According to CBS News, the children were discovered dead at their father’s home near Round Lake Beach on Monday. Residents met at the Round Lake Beach municipal headquarters on Wednesday to pray for Debra.

“My kids were fantastic.” Debra remarked, “They were three wonderful little creatures who didn’t deserve this.”

Prosecutors claim Debra’s estranged husband, Jason Karels, confessed to drowning his children one by one on tape.

Jason and Debra were going through a divorce.

“He always maintained he’d never do anything bad to the kids,” Debra explained. I never considered it, and I regret letting him see those children every day of my life because I never imagined he would do something so horrible.”

Credit / GoFundMe – 3 Innocent RLB Angels

Debra went on to say that her children, Bryant, 5, Cassidy, 3, and Gideon, 2, were the most important people in her life and that Jason knew it.

“The kids were the most important thing to me, and he realized that,” she explained. “He knew nothing was more important than those children, so he took them away from me because he knew it would pain me the most.”

Nonetheless, the bereaved mother stated that she could never have imagined her husband committing such a thing.

“I believed it was proper for the father to be involved.” She justified her choice to take the kids to meet their father last weekend by saying, “The father should see them.”

Debra found her children’s lifeless bodies on a bed inside the house when she went to pick them up on Monday. Authorities discovered a letter addressed to Debra stating, “If I can’t have them, neither can you.”

After leading authorities on a high-speed chase through many highways, Jason was apprehended on Monday. After murdering his children, he claimed to have tried suicide several times.

“Don’t worry, mama,” Debra recalled her eldest son Bryant. “He always assured me, ‘Don’t worry, mommy, I’ll always take care of you.”

Cassidy, her 3-year-old daughter, was hailed as “the cutest child in the world,” while Gideon, her youngest, was described as “momma’s boy.”

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist with funeral costs. It has raised over $76,890 as of this writing.

Debra and the rest of her family have lost three lovely angels, and my heart breaks for them.

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