Mom shoots 6-year-old 9 times and hides body in trunk of car – family says CPS ignored their warnings

Children’s murders in cold blood are distressing to read about. Death is made considerably sadder when it comes from someone entrusted with a child’s care, such as a parent.

Julissa Angelica Genrich Thaler, 28, of Spring Park, Minnesota, has been charged with second-degree murder with the intent to kill. Eli Hart, her 6-year-old son, was murdered, and she was charged with his murder.

Hennepin County Jail

Thaler’s first court appearance is due at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and her bond is now set at $2 million. According to reports, a guy was also arrested for Eli’s killing. According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, there is insufficient evidence to link the man to Eli’s death.


Eli attended Shirley Hills Primary School as a kindergarten student. His family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses.

On Friday, May 20, authorities conducted a traffic stop at Chevrolet Impala and discovered the murderer. Eli’s mother, Thaler, was behind the wheel. The car was sitting on the rim since one of its front tyres was gone.

Thaler had blood on her hands, and the back glass of the automobile seemed to be broken. According to the charge report, the vehicle also included a shotgun shell and a spent casing, blood, and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the rear seat.

The cops searched the vehicle since it was deemed hazardous to drive. This was when they discovered the 6-year-old Eli’s body in the truck and a shotgun.


Thaler was permitted to go before the vehicle was searched. When the police discovered the small boy’s body, they mobilised right away and rushed to Thaler’s flat, which was empty.

The washing machine at Thaler’s apartment was full of the clothes she was wearing when the cops pulled her over in her car.

Thaler was apprehended shortly after fleeing the area on foot. Her hair had blood and brain matter in it when she was discovered.

A witness spotted Thaler’s car at a gas station before the cops stopped her. Police discovered a backpack coated in blood, bone fragments, and what seemed to be brain matter during their gas station search.


The cops were able to track the ‘damage’ Thaler’s automobile had caused to the road by following her as she drove with just a rim and came across many spots where evidence had been thrown away.

They discovered a child booster seat coated in blood and with damage consistent with a gunshot burst in a dumpster at one of their stops.

One of Thaler’s pals also testified in the police statement, claiming that Thaler had sought to be taught how to use a gun and had gone to a gun range. She’d also lately purchased a shotgun and had been lugging it about her apartment wrapped in a grey blanket.

According to the charges against Thaler, investigators discovered a large amount of blood in the back seat of his vehicle and signs of brain matter. They also found a grey blanket in her truck.


According to preliminary autopsy findings, Eli, 6, was shot up to nine times in the head and torso.

Tory Hart, Eli’s father, had been fighting for custody of his kid. According to Hart’s fiancee Josie Josephson, Thaler struggled with drug addiction and mental health concerns. Eli’s unstable mother was given full custody despite the couple’s repeated protests and attempts to gain control of their son.

Eli had been placed in foster care before the final custody battle. “Numerous individuals expressed they feared for Eli’s safety if he was returned to her, and it was ignored,” his foster mother Nikita Kronberg told the media.


“That was it until last night when we received notified that he was found in the trunk of his mom’s car,” a devastated Josephson told the journalists. Not only did we raise our concerns to many people, but each time we were told, “This is something for family courts.” (CPS) stated, “Laws do not allow us to handle this, and (they) have no reasons to remove him from the home until they observe physical abuse.”

CPS has not yet responded to this case.

This is a tragic situation. We pray that young Eli is at peace and that his family receives justice for what happened.

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